When is a spinster not a spinster

The other evening, late,much to my delight, on scanning through the programs on the idiot box, I saw “A Man and His Music” starting at 10:30pm. Now, not feeling a complete ‘vidiot’, the thought of an hours (including the inevitable ad breaks)  real entertainment, from a real entertainer was not to be missed. So  I was all prepared to relax and enjoy.

But of course, something as simple as this is not to be tolerated by the TV programmers! >:D

At 10:24pm the program preceding Mr Sinatra finished, and I hit the mute button as I did not want to listen to 5 minutes or more  of ads. The ads themselves are bad enough; but this time there was something different, something called a ‘Sneak Peak’, their capital letters not mine! And what was this ‘Sneak Peak’? A promo for this ‘program’ called, you’ve guessed it ‘The Bachelorette’.

there is no such word in the English language.

Before anybody starts upbraiding me about evolving language let me be quite clear, making up words by some idiot in the media does not constitute evolving language but constitutes the bastardization and prostitution of the language.

Adding the suffix ‘ette’ to a word in the  first instance means making smaller, eg: kitchen/kitchenette, cigar/cigerette; 2nd)imitation or substitute eg: leather/ leatherette, flannel/flannelette; and thirdly female usher/usherette.

A bachelor is an unmarried man; of course a woman can be a bachelor, as in Bachelor of Arts, she is not a bachelorette of arts, for the simple reason that the word does not exist! The term ‘bachelor girl’ has been used to signify an unmarried woman;     BUT NEVER BACHELORETTE         until now, at the whim of some unscrupulous money hungry smart arse unconscionable unprincipled person! 

To say that I’m disgusted and angry doesn’t approach the way I feel about this, it’s not smart, it’s not clever, it’s just downright laziness on the part of the programs writers, producers and directors to come up with an appropriate word for this show, which I understand, is what they like to refer to as a spin-off from the original show, called funnily enough “The Bachelor”!

Might I suggest that this rubbish / soft porn ( I sat there for the full 5 minutes or so waiting for Mr S.,and that is how it appeared to me) show be retitled “The Spinster”, after all that is a perfectly good word and means an unmarried woman, would you believe.


10 thoughts on “When is a spinster not a spinster

  1. If only the title were the worst of it!


    1. I have never watched what I believe is a load of ‘tosh’ so I’ll take your word on that 👿 🐻 i


      1. Oh I’ve never watched it either. The idea that anyone would go through a competitive “courtship” on TV in front of millions of ogling viewers and get engaged at the end of it all is just grotesque.


        1. I heard the spiel which starts off “Beautiful. intelligent’ before I had time to hit the mute button, but not before I had time to call out to the screen “BIMBO’, which I think probably sums up someone who “stars” in this stuff, and wonder at the word “intelligent.

          I must admit the use of that word makes me wonder why the hell people insult me when they call me that! (Some have been known to do that in times past) 😈


  2. And those who keep adding these stupid constructed words to The Macquarie Dictionary ought to be sacked.


    1. Being a snob and a Pom I only use the Oxford XD; but have no doubt that I agree with what you say, it’s probably happening at Oxford too 😦

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  3. I don’t get too fluxomened about immaginoveling of words. I grok the idea of individualizining one’s words style.

    I myself enjoy confabricaturing new words to enhance the enjoyment of peruseming my bloggerings.

    I dosit think fresh words improvenhance the language, and can be apprecienjoyed by almost anyone.


    1. yes but we know you’ve got a screw or two loose XD

      Not quite what I expected from you, I was waiting on something that was amusing but it will have to do I suppose. one can’t have everything can one? 😉


      1. I’m in the middle of a major move so this is the best you get . . . and it’s probably about the best I can do even when I’m not distracted.

        . . . have you tried lowering your expectations (at least when it comes to me)? It would make my life a lot easier if I didn’t have to live up to the over-inflated image others have of me.


        1. My expectations are always low, being a cynical sort of bastard, so you really haven’t got much to live up to, except to humour an elderly English/Australian gentlemen………………… XD


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