ElBoB – Not exactly my ASUS …….

As you well know,  if you've been following the "Trials & Tribulations of Me"; (And if you haven't; why haven't you ❓  rivaled in history, only by The Great Tea Trolley Disaster of '67; sadly, my ASUS, is no more.  Had you have read the comments on the previous post, which detailed the disaster, you'd have noticed … Continue reading ElBoB – Not exactly my ASUS …….

Disaster struck! Tragedy followed!

A couple of weeks back, not watching what I was doing, I sent a glass of iced tea flying. Since mislaying a stomach a while ago, I've developed a taste/need for iced tea; and it's whats kept me hydrated since the mishap. I find water very difficult to drink, I don't know why, and don't … Continue reading Disaster struck! Tragedy followed!