It’s hard to believe but……….. is 2 years, today, since I misplaced my stomach, the next day I was given into the hands of some amazing people, and I wrote the following post, when I was discharged from their care, almost one month later. On this the second anniversary of my meeting with Dr God, and his mighty crew, … Continue reading It’s hard to believe but………..

The right thing. A just reward!

It's not usually my practice but the other day, Tuesday or Wednesday, I'm not sure which, I did the right thing! Kerry, my wife, sometimes (when she's not around) referred to as the War Office, said that she was thinking of driving over to Birkenhead Point, to see if she could get some shoes/trainers/runners/joggers; (think that … Continue reading The right thing. A just reward!

George the Last! – …..Read on…

Most of you know, that's if you've been following my rants for any length of time, will know, that I lobbed into Sydney way back in the 1970's, early 1974 to be exact; and for reasons that escape me stayed! I was having a drink at the Tatler in George Street, weighing my options: head … Continue reading George the Last! – …..Read on…

A conspiracy I tell you! A blasted conspiracy!

It's a bit late now but I suppose I'd better tell what happened when I went to see Doc. Francis last Friday. At the appointed time, he appeared, didn't look at me, and called some other bloke in to his surgery/rooms. A short time later, same thing. didn't look at me, called some other bloke in. … Continue reading A conspiracy I tell you! A blasted conspiracy!