Time for another grumble and grouch

For the past few weeks I've been experiencing BIG problems with my Internet connection. It's not my ISP, I cannot fault them, if, and when, I've had need to call them on the 'phone; I'm not shunted off to India, or shuffled off to Buffalo, oops the Philippines. I go straight to to their call … Continue reading Time for another grumble and grouch

‘Batboy’ Jake a big hit at the ballpark

If this doesn’t make your day nothing will.

Pied Type

Here’s a burst of sunshine for your weekend: Jake the Diamond Dog. No politics here, unless maybe you don’t like dogs. (I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs.)

Come on now, everybody smile!

I borrowed this from Ronni Bennett’s Time Goes By. I don’t think she’ll mind sharing the sunshine.

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Schadenfreude and Roseanne Barr

Rude crude and socially unacceptable. I once watched this person for all of 3 or 4 minutes, and have never watched again,
Susan, you have summed her up to perfection, and I believe this to be your greatest post, ever! Thank you I shall take the liberty of reblogging this.

Pied Type

Roseanne Barr (Photo: Valerie Macon, AFP/Getty Images)

Yep, too much schadenfreude. On my part, that is. And I feel a bit guilty about it. But only a little bit.

I was appalled last fall by ABC’s decision to bring back the “Roseanne” show. I’ve never liked Roseanne Barr and have always considered her a rude, crude, thoroughly obnoxious human being. That may just be her schtick as an actress, but I’ve never found it funny — just offensive on every level.

And I was deeply disappointed to see the show become a huge hit. Are there really that many viewers who find her funny? Apparently there are.

But she finally went too far this week with a tweet about Valerie Jarrett, an African American and former senior advisor to Pres. Obama. Within hours ABC fired Barr and cancelled the show. The rest of the cast and crew — several…

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In case some of you were wondering…

  I did watch part of the wedding of the now, Duke & Duchess of Sussex. Why Sussex is beyond me. There is no real history to the 'Duchy of Sussex'; indeed there has been but one, thats 1, The one and only was thought a bit of a rebel/odd. He never married officially/legitimately, and … Continue reading In case some of you were wondering…