A very special day, for a very special dog. Coco.

On the  19th October we celebrated Coco's 10th birthday.   As befitting such an occasion, the weather was perfect. A very soft breeze under a blue, blue sky, perfect for a romp in the park; and where better than the park, down on Blackwattle Bay. And this time I remembered to pop my trusty Sanyo … Continue reading A very special day, for a very special dog. Coco.

It’s official. I’m a racist!

The War Office told me so 😈 'Now why would she call him that?', you should be asking; and if you're not, then you darn well should be! 😀 Like everything I post, this is bound to turn into one of those long, rambling things, that never seems to go anywhere, is of little interest … Continue reading It’s official. I’m a racist!

A fine spring morning….

Well as a matter of fact, yesterday was; as what is now  be coming my usual practice, I started this yesterday; which on reflection, makes it even more amazing that I've come this far. It's normally quite a bit longer, when I think about it, normally it's days. Utterly confused now? Good! Welcome to the … Continue reading A fine spring morning….

Stoned out of my eyeballs. High as a kite!

On Wednesday, as I'd decided against whatever was planned for me, at the Radiology Dept. at the RPA, and cancelled out, I decided to pop along and see the one and only, Nurse Percy for my monthly shot.  A big needle and I never feel a thing. Sometimes I wonder if I actually get the … Continue reading Stoned out of my eyeballs. High as a kite!

Some might recall…

...a few weeks, or months, back; my popping along to the RPAH, for a procedure that flopped! The one where they pumped me full of gas! 😀 At 08:00 hours tomorrow, Wednesday the 27th, another attempt was to be made, and Doctor Lee had assured me,that he would supply the 'right stuff' to clean out all … Continue reading Some might recall…