Mustn’t keep a lady waiting too long, must I?

One day last week, I read a post from the ever refreshing Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge; and somehow the subject of lizards cropped up, I happened to mention my old family of 'Blue Tongues" when I was living up on the Northern Beaches; you all/y'all know how I ramble on; and as usual opened my … Continue reading Mustn’t keep a lady waiting too long, must I?


Who doesn’t like new words; even if they’re probably older than I am, this one’s a beauty and I hope you enjoy it too.
One for Derrick, and I’ll be tickled pink if it’s a new one on him 😛

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Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Coddiwompling. Even the definition sounds wonderful. Coddiwompling means to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

Doesn’t that sound like me and my desire to walk the Pacific Crest Trail? (Or any long distance trail, actually. I just want to take a very, very, very long walk.) I don’t really have a need to walk one place or another, just to walk purposefully toward some vague destination. Though, if I ever get to the point of actually going on a backpacking trip, that destination will probably not be vague — I will, of course, need to know where the trail is going and have an approximate idea of how long it will take me to get there.

So maybe coddiwompling isn’t the right word for my aspirations, though my true destination is more spiritual, and that certainly is vague. How does one know what…

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