Never a crossword

A few years ago. back in the early to mid 60's to be precise, quite by accident I got started on "Crossword Puzzles". For as long as I can remember I'd always had my head stuck in one broadsheet or another; and at that time, it was Melbournes "The Age", that had my complete. undivided attention. Naturally … Continue reading Never a crossword

Tucker Time.

Looks like this old codger is starting to slow down apace, would you believe it's been a fortnight since my last little effort to amuse you/y'all? Yes indeed, 14 whole days have passed, and I've done literally nothing, if you want to call adding my little bit to fellow 'Bloggers' posts something, well that's pretty … Continue reading Tucker Time.

In a more serious vein…

Ludwig van Beethoven, Bedřich Smetana & me; all had something in common; deafness.Smetana was totally deaf, Beethoven , almost totally deaf, and me? Over 80% loss and getting worse.  Smetana and I also have another thing in common; tinnitus. He described his tinnitus as “a pounding and intense hissing in the head, day and night, … Continue reading In a more serious vein…

The Art of Time Wasting

 Some months ago, I posted some rubbish on palindromes and time wasting, well something like that. Had anybody read that rambling rubbish, they might  recall, that I was out to better the highest palindrome, that I'd been able to find for this game, which was 15051! One might almost say, that it has now become … Continue reading The Art of Time Wasting