Bit number two.

There wasn't much response to "The first bit" ;  a comment of possible (but doubtful) disappointment from disperser, and  a shot across the bows from my sister, commenting under the pseudonym, cazz1844; which I think is a plug for those living in Melbourne, to go see her at the Capt. Cook Cottage, situated in the Fitzroy Gardens. … Continue reading Bit number two.

I thought God was supposed to be infallible….

.......or is that only El Papa? Some may recall, that, a couple of weeks back, I had to pop along to see Dr Sandroussi, aka God; after he's coerced me into having first an endoscopy/colonoscopy, followed up by some other procedure where they tried to convert me to a 'barrage balloon' by pumping me full … Continue reading I thought God was supposed to be infallible….

The first bit…

  A couple of  boys from Barking. Back in 1935, a couple of boys were born within the sound of the Bow Bells, moved to the same L.C.C. estate, in Essex, lived within a quarter of a mile, or less, of each other, for 15 years, never met. I'm kind of expecting this is going to … Continue reading The first bit…

No surprises there!

Back on the 'merrygoround', again. O_o  o_O  🙄 I know I said there'd be no more, in the long running saga, in my dealings with the RPAH, however, there are those amongst you who are either masochists, and downright gluttons for punishment, or have nothing better to do and have asked to be kept up … Continue reading No surprises there!