George the Last! – …..Read on…

Most of you know, that's if you've been following my rants for any length of time, will know, that I lobbed into Sydney way back in the 1970's, early 1974 to be exact; and for reasons that escape me stayed! I was having a drink at the Tatler in George Street, weighing my options: head … Continue reading George the Last! – …..Read on…

A conspiracy I tell you! A blasted conspiracy!

It's a bit late now but I suppose I'd better tell what happened when I went to see Doc. Francis last Friday. At the appointed time, he appeared, didn't look at me, and called some other bloke in to his surgery/rooms. A short time later, same thing. didn't look at me, called some other bloke in. … Continue reading A conspiracy I tell you! A blasted conspiracy!

You’ve only yourselves to blame!

I have changed the title of my penultimate post,  it was causing confusion. I do believe some thought I'd turned up my toes, and died. Well happily I haven't. I'm still here, and didn't  mean to cause the confusion; it's just that I abhor the "B" word. No not that one; "Blog" is the one I detest! … Continue reading You’ve only yourselves to blame!

Hang on! I haven’t gone yet :)

Perhaps I should have used a different title for yesterdays post; it was, after all, a post to let my reader/follower know that I'm bored with all the health business blogs/posts. It's been going on for too long now, it was time for me to drop the subject. That's all! I'm actually feeling quite well, … Continue reading Hang on! I haven’t gone yet 🙂