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It wasn’t until early evening that the clarity of the dawn skies was to be repeated today.

Big Beast Barrier

Jackie discovered that the Big Beast had dug its way under her reinforced log last night, further trampled the cyclamen, and knocked over the obelisk. Undeterred, she put back the loose soil and buried more, lower, stakes around the wooden peg.

Bug on tulip

Elizabeth came for lunch which consisted of cold meats and salads. After this she and I photographed bugs on the diamond jubilee tulips. The first is mine with my Canon EOS 5D;

the next two with my Canon SX700;

Tulips Diamond Jubilee

and finally, Elizabeth’s with her i-Phone, by which time the bugs had fled.

Later, we took a drive to the north of the forest.

Horse, rider, cyclist, van

On Flexford Lane in…

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A little catching up wont go astray

I’m not sure whether this was February or March 16th, but it’s of no great moment.

I was scrolling through the rubbish on Foxtel, our cable TV provider, and came upon this; which needs little if any explanation!

This speaks for itself!
This speaks for itself!

It made me grimace; it might make you smile!


Greed! Glorious Greed!

It doesn’t take them long to answer the call to gorge themselves, does it! 

The supreme wind, that was Cyclone Debbie, still fighting for life, bent on destruction; and they come out to feed and fill their coffers. Who, what, are these creatures that crawl from the mud and slime left by Debbie?

Their name is ‘Coles’, and it is ‘Woolies’, and no doubt ‘Aldi’ and ‘IGA’, will join in the frenzy, all pleading for sympathy, and our financial support to help them through the disaster, not of their making. Crying tears of delight and joy, as they rush to clear their shelves of ‘fresh’ fruit & veggies.

But have no worries, have no fear, for they will find the fresh fruit and veggies, that our bodies crave, and at great expense; which they have to, regretfully, pass on to their faithful.

But where is all this fresh goodness to be found?

Why in their own warehouses of course! Dribbled out in minuscule quantities, often, at the highest price that they believe they can gouge from the desperate starving masses.

I kid you not!

Yesterday, I actually went to the supermarket, and lo and behold, in the ‘Fruit & Veggie’ section, disaster had struck. Most noticeably in the ‘Banana’ section, it was bare except for a very small number of loose, sorry, bedraggled looking specimens, that had somehow managed to survive the disaster.

I doubt not, that if I return and check today, there will be a fair quantity of ‘fresh’ bananas which they’ve managed to acquire, but unfortunately they will have to charge $19.99 kg. not the usual $2.99 kg. 

Would you believe that during a newscast before Debbie struck, a spokesman for a supermarket chain warned that this will happen?

Now the thing is, the majority of the country’s banana production is located in the north Queensland regions of Kennedy, Tully, Innisfail, Atherton Tableland, Mossman, Lakeland and Hopevale. 

All of which are some hundreds of kilometres north of Bowen and Proserpine. And Debbie turned south after hitting the coast.

Bowen is the renowned ‘Tomato’ capital of Australia; grows and supplies them the year round, they grow cantaloupes and mango’s too, not many bananas though; Proserpine has a sugar & tourist industry, bananas? Not really!

Once again, capitalism rears it’s ugly face!


Here are some photographs taken by our ABC of the aftermath, which may be of interest to my overseas reader/s





Not The Water Babies; but…………….

……………………………………….my water babies.

With summer officially over, my two little granddaughters, are about to hang up their flippers. Well at least one of them, Ruby, is!

This summer, just past, she started learning to swim, and took to it like the proverbial duck.

Which is not surprising really. Her daddy is a great one for swimming. He actually swims in the ocean. That’s the Pacific Ocean! You know the one I mean, the one with lots of sharks and jellyfish that sting you to death, and if they don’t get you well there’s always plenty more that will have a go at you. 

Ruby can now swim several metres, which is several metres more than her dear ol’ grandpa and what’s more, she has now started to dive! Yes indeed actually diving head first into the pool.     

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of that, but here are just a few with one of Poppy May, watching on with great interest.

The pool where Ruby attends will be closing down soon for a short period and she will be there ready to dive in head first as soon as they re-open.




For those too lazy….

….not interested & can’t be bothered checking out the “Weather Underground”section of this post that I put there specifically for your continuing benefit, the following load of useless information….

😈 🐻

As you know, I like to keep you all up to date, and in the loop, to use one of todays ‘In’ expressions, on the perilous situations that our Earth find itself  in at times.

Obviously the poor old thing is getting tired, and slowing down. 

Those billions of people, living down there, on the Northern Hemisphere, have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring, fully expecting it on the 21st of this month, 3 days ago!

Well, I have good news for you/y’all;  😄 sometime, somewhere today, the Sun will slip across the Equator and bring you warmth and hopefully joy.

If you doubt my word, just take a gander at the pic below! 

Length of day 12h 00m

What further proof do you need?

So start celebrating! 😄






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