The enthralling, continuing, saga of ‘The Mermaid’ .

Disaster has been averted. My reputation salvaged. The Mermaid is whole again. "How has this been accomplished?" I hear you/y'all ask.  "Very simple" I reply. Disperser to the rescue!  When reading of my distress, and despair, at the task ahead of me, in the previous episode, disperser at great inconvenience to himself; scoured the WWW, … Continue reading The enthralling, continuing, saga of ‘The Mermaid’ .

Bush-Walking with the Grandkids

Here’s a great blog from the Garrolous One, some great photos of the ‘Gong’ and surrounds.
Pity I wont get to see this when I take up permanent abode there!

For those interested in birds, like disperser, there’s some shots of the Australian Lyre bird , the very bird I was telling him about recently.

The Reluctant Retiree

Two years age separates our grandchildren, but in this shot, the camera has captured them as twins!

According to the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, Sydney and its eastern seaboard neighbours had the wettest March since 1975. It was getting to where I considered buying a raincoat and wellingtons. Of late though, our autumn weather has been spectacularly pleasant. Today, for example, is 22’c / 71’F with clear, sunny skies punctuated with fluffy clouds.

The perfect conditions to have two of the grandchildren for a four day visit. The first two day’s activities centred around the beach followed by the swimming pool, but on the third day, we packed a picnic lunch and went off exploring.

We started with a drive up into the escarpment behind us, to take in the scenery from the Mount Keira lookout.

In the below shot, you can see the main road snaking up Mount Ousley…

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Finally made ’em!

friands that is. I've been putting it off for some time, but as a special request for my granddaughter, Ruby, who loves her grandpa's cakes I decided to set to and make  'Friands'. They are fussy things to make, it's a basic recipe, and can be found quite easily on the WWW. What you do … Continue reading Finally made ’em!

The ‘Mermaid’

or A grandpa's woes. It's not always easy being a grandpa; the expectation of very young granddaughters is beyond all imagination. Beyond mine at any rate! 😥 I was never told, that my being a grandpa required being the possessor of infinite wisdom & knowledge; the  patience of a saint; "chief fixer upper,  Jack of all trades"; and … Continue reading The ‘Mermaid’


......sigh Back in March I posted this blog, ; concerning my dog, and companion, Coco, and the re-occurrence  of a growth on his left eyelid. This time there were complications,  and over the next 4 weeks, the poor little fellow had to have two more operations. I'm happy to announce, that for now, all … Continue reading Problems!Problems!Problems!……