Flight Two, Two,Two, to Hamilton is loading through Gate 13, All aboard please…………….

Some of you have expressed interest in my time as a T.O I did a couple of posts some time ago that got quite a good reception but I’m reblogging and jumping the gun to save me having to scratch the old noggin to see what I could come up with


….and not a soul stirred.

This, as my Australian sufferers will tell you, is going to have something to do with Sir Reginald Myles Ansett,  a great Australian, and pioneer aviator.  For anyone who doubts me QANTAS has an A380 named for him. You can’t get better than that! (says he smugly)  

A380 REGINALD ANSETTThe A380 Reginald Ansett

and heres a photograph of the QANTAS A380 -VH-OQH, Reginald Ansett  coming in for a landing at LAX otherwise known as Los Angeles International Airport.

Reg. Ansett was the most amazing man I ever worked for, and believe me I’ve worked for many, there is much written about him, so I’m not going to go into great detail, but give just enough to arouse the curiosity of those who may be interested in the story of a great Australian. 

You’ll note that I’ll always refer to him as Reg, everybody did. Naturally I…

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9 thoughts on “Flight Two, Two,Two, to Hamilton is loading through Gate 13, All aboard please…………….

  1. Is there anything you haven’t done?


    1. I’ve never bought a house or won the lottery 😛

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  2. Sounds like a more efficient enjoyable classy time in history to fly!
    It’s such a joy to read about your memories and adventures! Thank you for sharing them with us, Lord 🐻 iOfBow!!! 🙂

    OOH! I love the photos of the planes, too! 🙂
    🛪 ✈️ ☁️ 🛬 🛪 ✈️ ☁️ 🛩 🛫 🛪 ☁️ ✈️ 🛩

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    1. It really was Carolyn; people dressed up ladies some wearing hats and gloves, men in suits and ties, I might do some more and add pictures that I found on the Internet up up and away 🛪 ✈️ ☁️ 🛬 🛪 ✈️ ☁️ 🛩 🛫 🛪 ☁️ ✈️ 🛩

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  3. What an interesting read that was. You were right to do the re-blog. 🙂


    1. Thanks Sue, I’m thinking of doing a couple more, but not to string it out too long.

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      1. Sounds Good Brian 🙂


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