Greed! Glorious Greed!

It doesn't take them long to answer the call to gorge themselves, does it!  The supreme wind, that was Cyclone Debbie, still fighting for life, bent on destruction; and they come out to feed and fill their coffers. Who, what, are these creatures that crawl from the mud and slime left by Debbie? Their name … Continue reading Greed! Glorious Greed!

Not The Water Babies; but……………. water babies. With summer officially over, my two little granddaughters, are about to hang up their flippers. Well at least one of them, Ruby, is! This summer, just past, she started learning to swim, and took to it like the proverbial duck. Which is not surprising really. Her daddy is a great one for … Continue reading Not The Water Babies; but…………….

For those too lazy….

....not interested & can't be bothered checking out the "Weather Underground"section of this post that I put there specifically for your continuing benefit, the following load of useless information.... 😈 🐻 As you know, I like to keep you all up to date, and in the loop, to use one of todays 'In' expressions, on … Continue reading For those too lazy….

Comics & Cartoons

After all most 5 years this post/blog received its first ‘hit’ so I’m re posting it for your pleasure and/or criticism whatever takes your fancy. XD


The other day I received an e-mail from my Dopey Daughter who is currently on a work/study thing in Malawi which is somewhere in deepest, darkest Africa, doesn’t that expression get a hammering? I should know better than to use it; however, to get back to the e-mail, it was quite odd but considering the source one should not be surprised.

I’ve cut and posted the contents so that you can see for yourselves

Sent: Friday, 13 July 2012 12:24 AM
Subject: RE: [New post] Emma Boo Boo Possum

 Hi dad
Just read a Hagar the Horrible cartoon in the Malawi Daily Times. Funny 

Now this came to me from out of the blue or cyber space if you prefer and I could not help wondering why she sent me an e-mail telling me that she’d read a comic strip. What the dickens it had to do with the…

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It’s rather odd to say the least!

At 02.14 this morning, going by my bedside clock-radio thing, which is 2 minutes fast and I haven't got around to fixing it, I woke for the first time.  Pretty good, when I think about it, it's usually the 3rd time. Naturally,  I couldn't go back to sleep, just lay there, listening to my cicada … Continue reading It’s rather odd to say the least!