“Rumblings & Ramblings”

That is what these pages will be about, I imagine there will be more “Ramblings” than “Rumblings” as I’m inclined to digress quickly and easily. My “Rumblings” will more than likely be about politics, religion and anything else that one does not bring up in pleasant company or at a party.

Should anyone happen upon these pages and wish to comment please go right ahead and be my guest, say what you like but please; leave out profanities and expletives our language is rich without recourse to either. For this I thank you.

Over in the right(or left depending on the theme I’m using) hand column you can scan through by date or category and perhaps find something that may interest you or you might find that scanning through the “Archives” easier; which ever you choose I hope you get something out of my “R &R’s” and will come back to see what I’m rattling on about from time to time.

With that said I welcome you to my blog site or whatever it’s called.

The illustration is a picture of my son and me aboard and beneath the big guns of the USS Missouri anchored at Pearl Harbor. I hope to fire off a big gun or two in these pages.


Brian Smith

16 thoughts on ““Rumblings & Ramblings”

  1. Christine in Los Angeles 01/07/2012 — 14:12

    “… leave out profanities and expletives, our language is rich without recourse to either”
    So true. I remember my Dad used to quote ‘He knew not what to say, and so he swore’ (maybe Keats? or Yeats?). My Dad felt: if you had a good command of the English language, you had no reason to swear.

    God bless, Christine

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    1. Thank you for your kind remarks Christine, I don’t know how you found my ramblings I always feel that I am talking to myself.
      It’s nice to know there is somebody out there whose shown enough interest in what I’m trying to do to drop me a line. Thank you once again, and please, feel free to come for a visit and comment on anything I’ve written and hope to write 🙂

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  2. You might enjoy reading this blog . . .

    I did read a few of your posts. Plan to stop by again.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment always happy to receive them whether good bad or indifferent.I took up your suggestion and went to that blog, the first post I read was very moving indeed;I must admit it brought a tear to my eye, good tales do that, anyway I’ve signed up to follow that site and shall visit it from time to time.

      I do know a little about war, as having been born and brought up in London in the 1930’s and 40’s I have first hand knowledge of the horrors of war.

      Cheers, Brian

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  3. Hi Brian, thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow. Mine is a little bit of this and that also. I do hope you enjoy some of the upcoming posts. GG

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    1. Thanks for the welcome Gwendoline I found you by way of gpcox, ge has as you know a very good site and I visit him often. I never knew about the Museum but I can recall when I was working for Ansett ANA back in the early 60’s at Essendon Ansett’s were still using Cats for some of their work, unfortunately they were the only aircraft operated by Ansetts that I never had a chance for a ‘familiarization flight”

      I did read a few of your blogs and I shall catch up on a few more with great expectations of some more very interesting blogs.

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      1. Aha – a retired aircraft engineer? I just had a quick dig around your site and came up with an Ansett STO (which is?). Anyway – did you know we are getting Qantas’ retired 747-400 down here at the HARS museum in Albion Park? I am hoping to be part of the crowd that watches it come in. Should be flying low anyway, as only ten minutes flying time from Sydney. Might get to do a post on that.

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        1. Unfortunately not an engineer Gwedoline I was a TO at Essendon from 1960 to 1964. Yes indeed I did read about that and it will be quite exciting, I can’t get enough of aircraft, I live just north of the North/South runway, in Annandale and I never tire of watching them come in and go out, beautiful things, (my favourite is the A340) and I follow them on flightradar. Do a post and get some pictures you’re on a winner there, I envy you being there. 😛

          I did a blog sometime ago about a Flight 216 to Adelaide & Perth which has some interesting photographs n case you’re interested


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        2. I’ll do my best to get something together for a post. We are very excited. Got a number of HARS volunteers living in the complex where I am. BTW they are also building a replica of Smithy’s Southern Cross.

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        3. I did see the original many years ago, and onething I can promise, you’d never catch me flying over the ocean in the thing 🙄

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        4. C’mon – where’s your sense of adventure?? . . . Here’s another piece of random info I stumbled on a couple of years back. I was at Rookwood cemetery and noticed a decrepit headstone in the 1937 section “May Bradford. accidentally killed at Mascot airport”. I dug around for info and discovered she was an Australian pilot and first woman to hold a ground engineering license. She was a contemporary of Nancy Bird Walton and competed in the England-Australia air race in 1934. Seems a shame her final resting place is abandoned. One day I should research more and do a story on her.

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        5. I think you’ve probably got enough on your plate for the next 20 years. I did in the late 60’s early 70’s satisfy my dream of flying; but as usual I was limited by being colour blind, my pilots licence was for daylight flying only.

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        6. Oh what a pity. That must have been so galling for you!

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        7. Yes indeed, my ambition at 17 was to join the Fleet Air Arm as a pilot and the only thing that stopped me was you guessed it 😦

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  4. You may appreciate perusing this blog . . .I read a couple of your posts. Plan to stop by once more.

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    1. Thank you and welcome; comments are always appreciated and acknowledged 😀 🐻

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