Coco v The Magpies

……………………………….not really a contest ūüėõ

Coco as you can see is a spaniel cross; happily he is an “American Golden Cocker/King Charles Cavalier Cross”; I say happily because being an American Cocker as against an English Cocker gives him the lovely soft face. Coco pensiveAs those familiar with the English dog know, they have rather a long pointy snout, whereas the Yankee model has not, it’s face is much softer and more rounded.

Sometimes I do believe he thinks he’s actually a Sussex Spaniel, now why do you think that I hear you/y’all ask; simple; Coco loves to chase Magpies! That is a trait of the Sussex, they too have a thing about the¬†‘Maggies’¬†.

Last Wednesday afternoon, my wife Kerry, ¬†and I, took the two dogs; our daughter Emma’s dog Butch, and Coco to the park for a run and some exercise.Butch3¬†Now Butch doesn’t run and play like he used to before he had the accident, which kind of stuffed up his legs. He’s such a sweet, gentle dog, and I baby sit him often, which adds to my¬†pleasure and enjoyment, he’s not so full on and demanding as my Coco. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

After doing our usual circuit of the park we were heading back to the car and Coco was on the prowl, Butch was on his lead with Kerry, he’s inclined to wander off and get lost if you don’t watch him, that’s the Beagle in him, they’re inclined that way. We had just passed the pavillion, pictured, when Coco spotted a Magpie having a wander around a¬†tree, also pictured, and gave chase. . Naturally the ‘Maggie’ watched Coco’s hellbent approach with amusement, and right at the critical moment, took to the air, probably laughing at the futility of my dog who’ll never learn that he can’t outwit a Magpie!¬† ¬†ūüėÄ

And therein lies the trouble that has now befallen us. 

Coco went around the tree in a flash, when he came out he was limping badly and could not put his offside (that’s the left if viewing from his tail forward) rear foot on the ground; this of course threw me into panic mode.

Immediately, we headed to our vehicle, which was less than 100 metres away, but it seemed to take an eternity reaching it;  Kerry loaded both dogs in, Coco on the front seat next to me, and she and Butch in the back,  and I hi-tailed it to the Vets surgery.

The Annandale Animal Hospital,

( they are such lovely,caring people they deserve a plug!).

We were fortunate to have Doc.Joanna attend to Coco, but the news was not good. Coco had torn  a ligament, and he would have to have an operation to fix his poor leg; so at 08:00 tomorrow morning I will be delivering my very hungry dog, once again, into the very good hands of the doctors at the Annandale Animal Hospital; after which I will return home to spend the day alone, fretting for my friend and companion, waiting impatiently to go back to the hospital later in the day, to collect him and bring him back to where he belongs. With me!

10 thoughts on “Coco v The Magpies

  1. Everybody loves a good dog story. and that was a good dog story.


    1. Yes but a pity about the injury, he will be in hospital overnight after the operation and can expect to develop arthritis in this joint.


  2. Sorry to hear. I hope the surgery is successful and he fully recovers.


    1. Thanks ej, I’m confident the operation will be a success however I have been told that no matter what, he will develop severe arthritis in this joint, and for a dog that loves to run and play it probably wont be very pleasant


  3. Oh, poor Coco. Who’d have thought chasing a bird would lead to such an injury.


    1. The only birds he chases are Magpies, I do believe if a sparrow or Willy Wagtail sat on the end of his nose he’s just look crosseyed down his nose at them and wonder what they were doing there, apparently this is a trait of the Sussex Spaniel and he does have a remarkable resemblence to that breed of spaniel.

      I’m very concerned about this operation as he has to stay in the hospital overnight, I know that he will be taken care of and looked after perfectly but he was so upset when I took him there this morning. his tail stopped wagging, which has never happened before and he looked how I was feeling.


      1. Fascinating that he only chases one particular species. But it is difficult to ignore or overlook a magpie.
        I’m sure he’ll be fine. The vet knows how to make anxious pets comfortable. If only he could do the same for their owners.


        1. Occasionally he will give chase to a pigeon but I think he feels they are boring most times he ignores them completely,I think he likes the challenge that the magpies give.
          The owners are the problem I’ll grant you !


  4. Poor Coco. I hope Coco will be up and at it very soon.
    Get well soon Coco. Woof, Woof.


    1. I’m certain that Coco would thank you if he could Ira; he has to stay in hospital overnight and I’m missing him terribly already and it’s only been a couple of hours since I left him looking all forlorn and worried there, he’s my constant companion ūüė•


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