A Different Type of Ruby


22nd May 1976    *    22nd May 2016



The seas may not always have been tranquil, or the crossing smooth……




and I thank you for being my friend and companion, and mother to our children through it all….                          Always B

When writing and preparing this post, an old Cockney song that was popular in the ‘Music Halls’ when I was a lad kept going through my mind, and I was singing away to it just as I did many years ago.

I was  actually going to sing the chorus and inbed it into the post, but not having any idea how decided that you’d probably prefer Peter Sellers anyway.

I think it’s apt for the occassion and just a bit of fun Cockney rhyming slang “Dutch (duch) /Wife”. Hope that doesn’t confuse you too much     XD



14 thoughts on “A Different Type of Ruby

  1. Brian,
    I am confused. Are you saying you are celebrating your 40th Wedding Annivesary, or is it that you have remembered the song from 40 years ago? If it’s your 40th Wedding Anniversary, congratulations to you and the “Old Dutch”.

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    1. I thought it was pretty clear sorry to confuse you Neill, perhaps you need a whisky and soda XD , The song was one of those silly Cockney songs that were sung by we Cockneys at the music halls, long before singalong with Mitch came into vogue; so I thought I’d add it to the blog for the wedding anniversary , I should have sung the song on the blog myself though 😦


  2. I presume this is in celebration of your 40th Wedding Anniversary.
    Beautiful photos, beautifully collaged. What marvellous memories.

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  3. You got a few months on me. We also got married in 1976.

    Congratulation on what looks to have been (and continues to be) a wondrous and interesting journey.


      1. You are welcome and thanks for the congratulations.

        Our actual anniversary is when we met and decided we would get married, and that was in 1972. We celebrate both, but the first one matters to us a bit more than the official one.


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