“Hear Him”, “Hear Him”

If it's a plummy pollie, it's "Hearar, Hearar" or something like that. If it's a pollie from the East End, it's probably " 'ear, 'rear".  Be that as it may, that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with todays little ramble. Three weeks ago, I said farewell to my local GP, Doctor Ping Nee Lee, … Continue reading “Hear Him”, “Hear Him”

Holiday time…..again!

Once again Emma, Luke and their two daughters, Ruby and Poppy May, dog Butch, felt the need to have a holiday. They do like holidays. So last Sunday they went off, once again, to Byron Bay, way up north, just down from the Queensland border. The surfs supposed to be pretty good up there, and … Continue reading Holiday time…..again!

Mustn’t keep a lady waiting too long, must I?

One day last week, I read a post from the ever refreshing Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge; and somehow the subject of lizards cropped up, I happened to mention my old family of 'Blue Tongues" when I was living up on the Northern Beaches; you all/y'all know how I ramble on; and as usual opened my … Continue reading Mustn’t keep a lady waiting too long, must I?

Some good news at last

There hasn't been much to cheer about over the past few weeks,as you know. My   dog,   Coco 😀  had been in the wars, and a few weeks back went through  surgery for the ligament. Yesterday, Doctor Gwilym, that's his first name; he's Welsh AND DOESN'T SING, was all smiles, but there's nothing unusual about that, … Continue reading Some good news at last

ElBoB – Not exactly my ASUS …….

As you well know,  if you've been following the "Trials & Tribulations of Me"; (And if you haven't; why haven't you ❓  rivaled in history, only by The Great Tea Trolley Disaster of '67; sadly, my ASUS, is no more.  Had you have read the comments on the previous post, which detailed the disaster, you'd have noticed … Continue reading ElBoB – Not exactly my ASUS …….