Disaster struck!

If that didn't attract your attention; nothing will! Late last week I decided to make some cakes. I'm not very fond of the cakes or buns, from the local bakery/ies, or stuff that  supermarkets try to pass off as cakes. The bakery cakes, have a likeness about them which I find uninteresting, they all appear … Continue reading Disaster struck!

That’s it! Had enough!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; "As an Englishman, I'm a Royalist!'. 'As an Australian, I'm a Republican!". Just so you don't forget I'm also a devout atheist and a committed socialist.  It might be a good idea if my good friend, and Nemesis, Disperser, signs off here and goes takes some … Continue reading That’s it! Had enough!

Thought for the day…

This'll probably be a "One off"  Had the Earl of Sandwich   been a General who liked to wear a woollen 'jumper' that buttoned down the front,   and the Earl of Cardigan, been a sailor, and had asked his valet to bring him two slices of bread, with meat therein.       We … Continue reading Thought for the day…

“Hear Him”, “Hear Him”

If it's a plummy pollie, it's "Hearar, Hearar" or something like that. If it's a pollie from the East End, it's probably " 'ear, 'rear".  Be that as it may, that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with todays little ramble. Three weeks ago, I said farewell to my local GP, Doctor Ping Nee Lee, … Continue reading “Hear Him”, “Hear Him”

Holiday time…..again!

Once again Emma, Luke and their two daughters, Ruby and Poppy May, dog Butch, felt the need to have a holiday. They do like holidays. So last Sunday they went off, once again, to Byron Bay, way up north, just down from the Queensland border. The surfs supposed to be pretty good up there, and … Continue reading Holiday time…..again!