The ‘Oregon Option’

Sounds like the title of a Robert Ludlam novel doesn’t it? Well it’s not; and it sounds a damned sight better than ‘A Swiss Suicide’ don’t you agree?     XD   😈

I know by the complete silence on the subject, that the few readers/followers that I have left, have been wondering about my health,  I haven’t had much of a whinge about it lately, as frankly there’s been nothing to whinge about.

For the past two or three weeks I’ve been feeling very well indeed, so much so that I’ve been waiting for some sort of relapse, but no, each day seems better than the one before, so I thought time to let my chums know and the “cat out of the bag”, ( one day I’ll tell you the origins of that expression, that’s unless my chum Neill who sometimes reads and comments on these pages lets the cat out – and it won’t be ‘Artichoke’ either). Now having confused you completely, and for those that have stayed, I’ll get back to the rave!

The continuous discomfort I’d been experiencing over the last several months, had, kind of faded away; not only that, it took the occassional nausea with it. Only once in this time did I slip back, but it wasn’t for long, perhaps ten or fifteen minutes, then I came good again.

Let me assure you, there’s nothing like not feeling nauseous,and uncomfortable all the time. No more involuntary moans or groans when least expected, which were cause for embarrassment.

After all these weeks/months of forcing what little food I’ve faced, down, I’m now eating a lot more, and even enjoying it most of the time, I’m also finding it unnecessary to have a snack on stuff I’m not particularly fond of, every few hours, between the small meals.

There were times when the ‘Oregon Option’ looked enticing; but that, like the discomfort and nausea has faded away. It is however an option that I’d well like to keep in my pocket.

Too, my sleep pattern has improved, I’m no longer waking, up to 8 times, during the night, I’m thinking now that I’m having a bad one if I have to get up 3 times, twice seems the norm.

Last Saturday, I went to the supermarket on my own, and had a jolly old time pushing my trolley around, shopping for over an hour. 

I was going to share this news a week or so ago, but thought it better to hold off ’til I was confident that all was well, and as you see I think it is.                     

Let the good times roll!   🙂


16 thoughts on “The ‘Oregon Option’

  1. The best news – keep up whatever you are doing, obviously it is doing the trick.
    Best wishes.


    1. Thanks Ira,it was probably just time and doing what I was supposd to do, even if I didn’t like it, anyway I’m feeling like a glass of stout at the Vic sometime soon, perhaps Sunday if Kerry hasn’t got anything lined up.
      Cheers B


  2. That’s wonderful news! I’d been wondering, of course, about how you’ve been doing, but felt it rude to ask in a public forum when that wasn’t the topic. I could only imagine the very worst of situations. Truly a tribute to your constitution and determination, the support of your loved ones, and some mighty fine doctors. Cheers!


    1. Thank you PT, I thought it best not to say anything a week or so ago; wanted to be sure that it wasn’t an illusion of recovery, or something. Not much support from the family things just go on as normal here, no sympathy for the sick infirm and dying in this household, what is called payback I believe, I’m the most unsympathetic bloke on the plant XD 😉
      The doctors and support staff certainly have blood worth bottling XD


  3. The best news, and whatever it is that you are doing, keep on doing it. Obviously it is working a treat.
    Good to hear and wishing you rude health.


    1. Rude health? You’ve got me there Ira


  4. Brian,
    very pleased to hear you are feeling more like your old self once more. Soon we will be able to go down to the “Old Vic” and have that glass of stout for which you’ve been hanging out.


    1. Thanks Neil, looking forward to the visit to the Vic


  5. I did let a modicum of concern cross my mind but your post about taking the dogs for a play in the park led me to assume you were getting along reasonably well. Well done, that man!


    1. I always took my dog for a walk even when I was at the lowest, he expected it of me and at times it was difficult but now it’s a pleasure again. I’m one of those my dog my responsibility blokes.

      Thanks for the well done, I can’t think of a better man to deserve it XD

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  6. I’m so glad to hear this. Excellent news! Enjoy your stout! (My personal favorite, by the way.) 🙂


    1. Thank you Lauren, I’m trying to develope a taste for the stout, I actually lost the taste for all my favourite foods and drinks but they seem to be coming back slowly XD


  7. Frankly, I had forgotten all about you, what with how busy our lives have gotten in the last few weeks.

    Well, not all. I did remember to progive you griefnoiance with making neowords.

    However, reasonably content to hear both of your willingness for the Oregon option if the need arises and the fact that said need now seems a distant memory.

    Good on you.


    1. I don’t suppose the option applies to aliens like me; better have a word with Ripley she’ll know how to fix it. I would point out that our socialist leaders are all for the Oregon Option, trouble is the other mob who currently sit on the treasury benches do not!


  8. In rude health, refers to being robust, vigorous and hearty.
    And that is how we want you – the life of the party.
    So as soon as you are up for your Stout, just let Neill and me know, and it is off to the Old Vic we shall head.

    The actual phrase “rude health” derives from the language of medieval English and Old French. I guess the lords who ruled regarded themselves as cultivated, and above those over whom they lorded. However, generally they were of a weaker constitution. Hence the phrase of Rude Health references a more robust constitution.

    So wishing you of a robust and vigorous constitution. After all, you will need strength to lift a Stout or two.


    1. I’m completely ashamed I know the expression but didn’t connect, I really don’t know how I shall face you Ira,but I shall rake the courage from somewhere. Tomorrow unday looks like rain all day the long range forecast for next week looks hopeful so as far as I can see I’m going to be clear of any spousal duties from Friday to Sunday, I’ll give you a call Wednesday to tee up what day, I’ll also call Neill


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