In case some of you were wondering…

  I did watch part of the wedding of the now, Duke & Duchess of Sussex. Why Sussex is beyond me. There is no real history to the 'Duchy of Sussex'; indeed there has been but one, thats 1, The one and only was thought a bit of a rebel/odd. He never married officially/legitimately, and … Continue reading In case some of you were wondering…

That’s it! Had enough!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; "As an Englishman, I'm a Royalist!'. 'As an Australian, I'm a Republican!". Just so you don't forget I'm also a devout atheist and a committed socialist.  It might be a good idea if my good friend, and Nemesis, Disperser, signs off here and goes takes some … Continue reading That’s it! Had enough!

Disaster struck! Tragedy followed!

A couple of weeks back, not watching what I was doing, I sent a glass of iced tea flying. Since mislaying a stomach a while ago, I've developed a taste/need for iced tea; and it's whats kept me hydrated since the mishap. I find water very difficult to drink, I don't know why, and don't … Continue reading Disaster struck! Tragedy followed!

WordPress or WordParasites? You be the judge!

Last Friday,  the 3rd November, I decided that I would not renew the 'wordpress' Premium account. I'm not doing that much work on my site, and it's certainly not worth paying the ludicrous sum of $A129.00 per annum for it, I doubt if anyone would waste money advertising here anyway. Furthermore that amount will buy … Continue reading WordPress or WordParasites? You be the judge!

It’s official. I’m a racist!

The War Office told me so 😈 'Now why would she call him that?', you should be asking; and if you're not, then you darn well should be! 😀 Like everything I post, this is bound to turn into one of those long, rambling things, that never seems to go anywhere, is of little interest … Continue reading It’s official. I’m a racist!