10 thoughts on “..and Brutus was an honorable man..

  1. If only there are more like him … I can’t hold my breath that long, but I can certainly keep my fingers crossed. It’s a one in a million chance, but surely if the Electoral College were ever going to intervene in an election, this would be the one.

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    1. Lets hope the rest of the Electoral College; read, understand, and take in what this man says; and act in the right and proper manner

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  2. Yes, let’s hope. Also, pay attention to Michael Moore’s prediction last night while a guest of Seth Myers. Interesting!


    1. I’m not sure who Michael Moore is, and I’ve ever heard of Seth Myers; so I can only imagine that what they discussed, on what I presume, was a late night TV program; is the very thing that this Mr Suprun has stated very clearly & boldly, regarding what he considers is his duty, and the duty of all his colleagues, in the Electoral College.


  3. Michael Moore has been a liberal blow-heart since day one, so I’ll reserve my opinion of Trump as President for at least a year or so. I am one to believe actions are a better judge of a person than words.


    1. I understand that Americans call the left wing inclined, liberals, whereas in Australia, the Liberals are very right wing, comparable to your GOP, and as such are not held in much esteem by the majority of voters in Australia. The usually manage to govern due to the anomalies in the voting system, which I wont bother you with.
      I am of the left wing persuasion, I was right wing for too many years, but thankfully I awoke from the dreamworld.
      I’d say that the selection of some of the key figures in the president elects administration are cause for much concern; world wide.


      1. I’m taking the wait and see stance. When Obama was elected, I was worried that a first-term Senator was unqualified and it turns out I was right. But frankly, I detest politics and talking about it makes my skin crawl.


        1. How strange; a small percentage of the Unted States people think that President Obama is/was a failure yet the opinion of the thinking peoples of the free world think the opposite. But then again we think thaat Geo.SW Bush was the greatest disaster since the Titanic, but there are those in the US who undoubtedly think otherwise. Which camp you fall into is yours to decide. but as you state you detest politics I’m left in a quandry.


    1. Thanks Diane; I managed to read this but not see the actual program. I think too many Americans, have their heads in the sands; I’d love to think they were right, but I can’t help thinking they are far from it.
      There seems to be a mindset about being the greatest nation the world has ever seen; and I believe the great majority have no idea of what goes on out here in the rest of the world. Seems that many still have the disastrous isolationist ideas firmly imbedded in their beings.
      I do get frustrated with them at times. 😦


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