Far be it for me to cause panic in the ranks; but………………

…..our Earth is coming to a screeching halt! And very soon !

Back in September, I posted an item entitled, for obvious reasons, “Useless Information”; and for those baffled by such a heading/title, I advise you to go into the kitchen, make yourself a nice cup of tea, and have a good lie down; as for the rest? I hope you enjoy the ride. XD                

Since the 22nd June last, the earth has been gradually picking up speed; indeed the length of our days here, in the southern hemisphere, have been galloping along at an astounding rate. Well for a while it did. 🙄

Would you believe that on four days alone, the length increased by an amazing 2minutes 07 seconds? True! On the 25th, 27th, 30th September,  and the 4th October, the Earth put a spurt on.

But it’s been going downhill ever since; and I regret to inform you all, that we are fast approaching the screeching halt that I mentioned earlier; heartlessly called, by those in charge; (whosoever they maybe) the “Summer Solstice”.

The Earth’s coming to a stop, and that’s all they can call it? For shame.

By my calculations, for what they’re worth, (ten bob & a bottle of whiskey) show that over the next 14 days, 46 seconds has to be knocked off the clock, as we come to said screeching …you know the rest.

The way things are going, especially after the United States recent elections, don’t be surprised if we stop a bit sooner.

We did the last time! So fasten seat belts, assume the head down position;  I wish you all the best of “British Luck”; whatever that is! 🙄


41 thoughts on “Far be it for me to cause panic in the ranks; but………………

  1. Here in the states we’re going to be needing a lot of that luck over the next four years … if not longer.


    1. You never know; with a bit of luck the Republican Congress, & Republican Senate, may well impeach the PE, which would ensure a speedy conviction, (providing the idiot doesn’t have time to push the nuclear button first) and they could put in the VP, that they like, and can manipulate!
      The rest of the world is waiting on tenterhooks so christ alone knows what the thinking Americans are going through now.

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  2. Picking up speed, eh?

    Say the analogy is useful (it isn’t), it would not stop on the solstice; it would be at its top speed and would then begin to slow down, thus lengthening the days. It would then stop when the day is the longest, right before picking up speed again.

    Even as I indulge your tilted view of how things work, I wonder if in fact it’s not a piece of humor and you really correlate shorter days with the Earth “moving faster.”


    1. At the solstice the earth will stop and start going back the other way and on or about the 21st March the Equinox will occur again/as usual or thereabouts, from the solstice our days here will gradually get shorter and the speed picks up until it starts to slow down again XD
      What gets me is that the 21st December here ; like the 21st June there, is called mid summer night; think Shakespeare, when in fact it’s supposed to be the first day of summer. If it was the midsummer day then surely summer must start in the middle of October down here. Confused? Me too 😀
      Buggered if I know what you mean in the last sentence. Must admit I’m having some idiotic fun with this nonsense but Longer days I equate with going faster. If I knew how I’d attach the thingy I’ve got going and email it to you; which will only go to prove that I haven’t got much else to do with my time 🙄


      1. The explanation you gave, even accepting its spuriousness, lacks in internal consistency and logic. But, that’s just me. Perhaps, hanging upside down, it makes sense to you.

        Here, where it matters, we’re approaching our shortest day, hence why I said you have it backward and it’s illogical as described. Obviously, the Earth can’t both be speeding up and slowing down, and since there are more people in the only hemisphere that matters, you need to adjust that description by taking those truths into consideration.

        That last sentence calls into question whether this “explanation” is an attempt at humor. Meaning, do Australians, or even just you, believe in variable speed as the reason for the changes in daylight hours?


  3. I’m buggered if I know what you two are banging on about. All I can add to the conundrum is, being as how I consider the 22 June as the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere, I used to complain to my mother that I had been dudded on birthday time. The best she could offer was that “when I grew up”, it would be the “longest night”, Being as how I am now in my sixties, I no better understand what she was banging on about, as I do what you two are up to. All I know is that as I get older, the brain cells which record time are dying, and as a consequence my life is flashing away in front of my eyes.


    1. I think Emilio, (disperser) is taking what I’ve been raving on about too seriously. What happens when you move from the cold and snow of Colarado to the sun & surf that you get in Hawai’i


    2. Actually, the problem — and it’s a serious one — is that people these days cannot tell when someone employs the use of humor in a serious manner (sounding earnest about silly stuff) unless smilies are liberally sprinkled like bird droppings on the prose. This, despite the fact someone has repeatedly stated most of what they write is geared toward humor first.

      But, let me summarize the above discussion by employing my considerable powers of simplification and obfuscation . . . LBOB (pronounced El Bob) attempted a funny by drawing a parallel between the speed of the earth and the variable change in the amount of daily daylight (as described by the time between sunrise and sunset).

      It is my contention that even accepting speed of the planet as somehow associated with the change in the amount of daylight, his described observation arrived at the wrong conclusion. We are actually approaching a zenith, and the change we are seeing — again, if one associates such change with speed — is actually better described as a change in acceleration. So, yes, we are approaching a point where acceleration is zero as we approach the zenith . . . before resuming once more. At no point is speed negated.

      For the mathematically inclined, this is obvious and expressed graphically as the change in the slope of the time vs. velocity curve. For them not familiar with it, the terms velocity and speed are sometimes used interchangeably, although they are not the same thing.

      But, LBOB also neglected the fact that the world cares diddly about the southern hemisphere (most people don’t even know it’s there) and that, consequently, a proper analysis of the phenomena should be made only in relationship to the relevant hemisphere — the northern hemisphere, where all the important stuff happens — and there, the observations and conclusions (even if they were relevant and had any merit) are exactly the opposite the observations and conclusions based on wherever LBOB lives. That is not strictly true, but would be if we run with the presented analogy, incorrect as it is.

      As for Emilio taking “life very seriously”, nothing could be further from the truth. I happen to know — from a very good source — the first thought Emilio has about any given subject is to look for a way to spin it toward a joke. True, sometimes — through no fault of Emilio’s — the joke runs flat, making an ugly sound as it splashes on humorless shores and then has to be explained. Again, I fault smilies . . . they addle minds by lulling them into not having to interpret written material based on content alone, eventually making said mind unable to process written material sans the presence of annoying graphics.

      As for Trump, I see him as the last sign that we have joined the ranks of other world powers in electing clowns and touting them as statesmen. That, then, is the sad part about the US election . . . we have finally fallen to the level of other countries in the world; that of a banana republic. The only difference is that most of us here in the US admit it, while the rest of the world still acts as if their leaders are intellectual and political giants.

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      1. “Risen” not “fallen”; not like you to err ej. 😈 specially for you XD

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        1. Not sure how to even respond . . . you are telling me with Trump’s election we have “risen”, not “fallen” to the likes of European banana republics and BRs the world over.

          Frankly, banana republic status might be seen as desirable in your neck of the woods, but I’m pretty sure it was a step down for us.

          The good thing is that now I can laugh at our President as heartily as I laugh at other world leaders as I look forward to Trump being as ineffectual, bumbling, and inept as they are.

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        2. I’ll grant that our so called leader is right down there at the bottom of the pile; but I know that he is no danger to anybody but we in Australia.

          However trump is a danger to the world, as are some of his appointments to positions of unimaginable power!

          Don’t tell me you disagree with the last sentence.

          It’s highly unlikely that you’d know the name of the arrogant mongrel, who swans around under the title Her Majesty’s Prime Minister of The Commonwealth of Australia, who just happens to be an ex-banker, if there is such a thing as an ex. Methinks they like to keep their noses in the trough


  4. Dear Emilio takes life very seriously. Of course, if you are a member of a nation who has just voted in Trump, what else can you do but be very, very serious? Strike that last word . . . I meant . . . afraid! Be very, very afraid!


    1. I’m not too sure but I think his reply above, adddressed to you, was meant to be a blog on his disperser site, it runs to 544 words (That’s just the text of the comment; I know cos I checked it) which is almost twice the number in my post, which includes all the silly bits and runs to just 275 words! As usual he made an error, he used the word “fallen” whereas we know and realize he meant “risen”.
      I happened to read through the whole of it and then I kicked myself for the effort required when I saw it was addressed to you 😀 😈 I put those in as I know they get under his skin 😉

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      1. I responded to comments by both of you.

        . . . I used a lot of words in an attempt to avoid further confusion. Obviously, it didn’t work, but I gave it a try.

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        1. For which you are heartily commended!


    2. See his comment above; better make yourself a cuppa first though!

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      1. Oddly enough, I’d just made a cuppa as I was taking a break between writing posts, and thought I would catch up on this chatter. Very interesting. I think I will exit stage left and leave you two to sort this one out. And, in conclusion, here are some “non-existent” smiley faces –


        1. Smart . . . I start with some innocuous comment and before I know it I’m up to my neck in it, watching my life slowly slip away.

          I’ll take a lesson from you, only head stage right. Also, in the future, I’ll stick to “likes” since that negates the need to make oneself a cup of anything.

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        2. We in Australia like to needle people; especially Yanks for some reason not known to me; probably something to do with the colonials mind, as for me I’m just akind of Colonial Administrator. I think it’s basically because the Aussies like the Yanks; also for some unknown reason.
          So cheer up ej, GG and I have just been having a bit of a lend of you, to use an Australianism, at least I suspect it is, then again I’m just as likely to be wrong as I usually am.
          Good luck with making head or tail of that lot! 🙂


        3. I love lobbing in the occasional UXB – un-exploded bomb.:-) 🙂 🙂 etc etc etc


          Pom, Pommy, Limey fine; but theres no such thing as Brits; just shows lack of education, knowledge, wisdom etc. but what can one expect really?


        5. I like to think I give as good as I get. Mind you, I do need to be a bit careful as Brits are sensitive sorts.




        6. . . . case in point . . .


        7. To digress on a more serious not ej; ae there any special celebrations going on in Hawai’i today (your today not ours, we’re in tomorrow) for the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack?
          Haven’t seen anything here and am just wondering. ¾of a century is of significance to many, like me


        8. thanks ej. seems like a proper remberance day being held; as it should be. I was dreading the thought of the commemoration being given the Hollywood/ Super Bowl treatment. Good to see what appears to be some Veterans of that day still going strong. Wonder what their thoughts are of the inclusion of the Japanese PM; I think that it has a touch of class inviting him, though the vets thoughts may differ.
          I was taken with the dignity of the Pearl Harbor Memorials each I made my visits there.


        9. My father-in-law — a WWII vet — still has strong feelings about “Japs”. Not as strong as they were, but I don’t think they abated all that much.

          As to why the inclusion of the Japanese PM, Obama attended a ceremony at Hiroshima . . . I think the thought is to finally put some memories at peace. Of course, I may be reading more into the acts than is there . . . perhaps it’s just a good photo op for both.


        10. Yes I think it’s time to put it to sleep; I harbour no ill will against the Germans or Italians even though they’d have liked to see me dead during the war; in fact, Herman Goering even arranged for one of his blokes to bomb and flatten the house I was born in. As you can gather I’d vacated the place. This late in his presidency I doubt if he’s worrying much now about photo ops.


        11. Remember, there are two photo ops there. I understand how you, being such an admirer of the US, would assume it’s all about Obama, but I think Abe needs the op more than Obama.


        12. I’d have thought that the Jap PM wouldn’t be to keen to be photographed at the scene of that infamous act. which finished up causing pain and suffering to so many people of the world; not just his own


        13. You are looking at the occasion through a different lens than they do. Look at it as evidence of two countries have gone past their previous differences, and not as an occasion for one to dwells on the wrongs of the past.

          For that matter, Obama visiting Hiroshima is a little awkward, the US being the only country to use the Bomb as an act of war, and against civilians, at that.

          Look at it as a show of two countries have gone past their previous differences.

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        14. It would be interesting to see how it is being reported and interpreted in Japan. I may hear in due course as there is a Japanese relative in the family.


        15. For once I’ll have to agree with you entirely; much as it hurts to admit it!

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        16. Stop that! . . . nearly gave me a heart attack . . .

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  5. I console myself with the fact that we are hurtling towards the Winter Solstice which means things will pick up again 🙂


    1. Not long to go now Derrick, XD

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  6. And just think – some people are afraid to fly! I don’t think Flight Earth 101 has any seat belts! 🙂


    1. Or parachutes; still they wouldn’t be much use, not many know how to use them. XD

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