Trivia Night…

In a recent post, I mentioned that I’d been enrolled in a night of trivia; by Michelle my ex-dietician 😦 and Susan); last Wednesday was the day, evening to be precise.

Never having been to one of these events before, I was somewhat apprehensive about what was expected of me, by my dear chums and standover merchants, 👿 Susan & Michelle.

How these two young ladies, do what they do, is beyond me. It was they, that had arranged, and organized, along with others, including Alexis, one of the devoted nurses, back in ’15, this night of trivia, to raise funds for ‘Procreatic Cancer’ research. Not only do they have their normal, heavy, work load, they are involved in many other activities, and this night was just another one of them.

To make sure I didn’t get lost; (or that I turned up  more like it) Susan arranged for me to pick Michelle up from outside Michelle’s Office, in the KGV building, and Michelle would point the way. Good job she did; as the directions she’d sent me would have landed me up in Woop Woop,  a million miles, the back of Bourke!

Luckily for me, I have one of those ‘Disability’ parking things, and I was able to drive to, and park at the venue; ‘The Grandstand’, at the University of Sydney. Michelle then lead me into the building, and introduced me to two of my fellow victims, for the night. The lovely Claire, and the not so lovely Mars, surely you don’t expect me to refer to some bloke as lovely do you? Come on now! 🙄

On entering the ‘Function Centre’ I was immediately greeted by, no not God, he wasn’t coming, but Susan and the ever delightful Alexis. Alexis is one of those wondrous nurses, and was here, on this special night; prepared to make  great sacrifice, in  the name of scientific research.

Sounds a bit highfalutin and Jeanne d’Arc’ish! O_o

After greetings and what not, we, Claire, Mars & me, were led to our table; Number 25, by Michelle; it was delighfully placed, just inside with a view of the Oval. I believe they play both cricket and Rugby on the one ground. Table 25 was the Dieticians table.

We were soon joined by the final member of our team, The Admirals Lady;  as this is trivia night; think  Jane Austen, Persuasion. who promptly took charge; ( which one expects from an Admirals Lady) this was good, because the three of us remaining, (Michelle had disappeared -which was her forté during the night) didn’t seem to have much idea about what we were supposed to be doing.

It was quickly established that Mars, was to be our expert on questions geographic, and we were very fortunate here, as there were only two questions in that catagory all night; and we managed to score 2 points out of a possible 3.

I managed to guess half of one; and  managed to get the right answer on another, by the expedient method of cheating. It wasn’t until after I’d cheated, that the Admirals Lady ( do you have her name yet?) told me that cheating using Google was not pemitted.

We were then on our own.

Considering that we were a table of 4¼, or should that be a fifth? Michelle being invoved in the running of the night, and at times stopped by,  if she knew an answer.

I did lose count of the number of times she did stop by, but I believe it was 2, it may have been 3,   fortuneately T.A.L. & Claire with help from Mars, knew more than a thing or two; and we did quite well overall on the night. Finishing in the top ten, I believe, with a single digit number. I was able to help out with things ancient; John Wayne comes to mind; I do believe that he’d never been heard of, if he had, it hadnt left much of an impression.

At the half way mark on the night, two young ladies, Alexis & Susan made the supreme sacrifice for any woman. They, for the sake of the research, subjected themselves to the hands of a tonsorial barbarian, and were  shorn of their lovely locks. I could not watch. 😥

I know that in some of the pictures you may have seen of Susan on these pages you might have noticed her hair was somewhat dishevelled, which is quite understandable, under the circumstances in which they were taken, but in more congenial circumstances, when let down, it was long and lustrous.

As I mentioned earlier, I was seated with “The Dieticians” and they each supped on a gigantic hamburger with chips!!!

Now it’s not for me to criticise; so I’ll say no more on that subject; except to say that poor Michelle’s was delivered to the table whilst she was running around, hither & thither, like a blue arse fly doing I know not what, and she got to eat it when it was cold.

But eat it she did!

They were several nurses from the time I was in W2W9,  Shahn gave me a big smile and wave; Steve “the Bosun”, came and shook my arm off seemingly very pleased to see me after so long!

I hadn’t seen The Bosun for it must have been what? Two weeks, he was at the Packer Auditorium when I did my thing, along with young Brendan another dedicated W9W2 nurse.

Emelo came to me with her big smile, young and vibrant. I didn’t recognize her at first, dressed in mufti, with her long hair  down. She was off to do the night shift, after the Trivia; so she was in for the long haul there.

I cannot help but admire these amazing young people. How they can remember one little old man, me, with the many that pass through their care is beyond my ken.

When the evening drew to its close and I was leaving, I was approached by some ladies who had attended the Packer thing, and and we chatted for a few minutes; and I was told that they looked forward to my next appearance.

One lady had missed the day and told me she’d seen photographs, in some hospital publication, and would not be missing the next. Methinks, perhaps, there’s some plottin’ afoot!

Somehow I get the feeling that Susan has more in store for me. 😳

I did wear the pin that I was given, I thought it appropriate on the night, it is quite small, 2cm x 1½cm; the picture of the pin below, shows it in pretty much those dimensions. Well it is on my computer screen at least!


For those still wondering, if there are any, the Admirals Lady’s name is Sophie. XD



15 thoughts on “Trivia Night…

  1. Neill Francis 12/12/2016 — 16:30

    I’m glad you are going out and socialising. Noelene was asking after you the other day, at the Museum. I told her that RPAH had done no less than a miraculous job on you and that you were pretty much back to your cheeky self. We must have a Christmas drink; contact Madame and I will fit in to those arrangements.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, naturally, they did a miraculous job on me Doctor Sandroussi, aka God, was running the show 😈

      I wrote an e-mail to you and the Poish Princess suggesting the 18th, the last Sunday of the year, the 25th all things are closed for some obscure reason. 👿


  2. Sounds like you’ve become quite the celebrity there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think so PT; I think that they are just happy to have somebody that genuinely appreciates them, and what they do; too many just accept it as their right.
      I can never forget the cheerful care, and help, that they gave me, under what must have been trying conditions; and if there is anything that I can do to show my thanks, and gratitude, and they request it; all I can say is “of course I will”


      1. I know there are ungrateful, thoughtless people in the world but I can’t imagine being anything but eternally grateful to the many people who work so hard to care for us when we are gravely ill. And in my experience do it willingly and cheerfully.


        1. I agree totally PT and am just glad that I’m not one of them. I saw quite a few examples of arrogant behaviour during the month I was incarcerated at the RPA; there was one occasion, when I couldn’t help myself, and had to stick my bib in. I can still see some of the patients up braiding nurses, but the nurses would have none of it; standing their ground and coming out on top.


  3. Glad to read fun was had.

    Still . . . cheating? Is that a Continental or Down Under thing?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, it’s a human thing which must go to show something. Damned if I know what!


  4. A great event. Cheating goes on over here – usually surreptitiously under the table. I doubt that anyone would forget you, Brian

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naturally it was under the table; is there any other way 😀 😈

      Liked by 1 person

  5. What a delightful thing to do, and love the Pin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Then I shall wear it when next we meet; hopefully this coming Sunday at my type of church; not yours; 2pm sounds like a good time 👿


  6. Those endearing people have looked after you so very well! You are fortunate!


    1. Very fortunate indeed Diane, and if they ever call me for anything I shall be ready.


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