14 thoughts on “I’ve been pretty busy lately!

    1. I could but I’m not!!! :), I’m watching The West Wing at the moment, (that’s when I do switch the idiot box on), I’ve watched it many times before and I like watching it as there are so many blueys (Aussie for mistakes) and I haven’t found them all as yet. They obviously didn’t have anybody working on the continuity; it’s quite hilarious. I find that Welsh clown who plays the part of ‘His Lordship’ a riot, he should have been able to point out all the errors in the script that he was given but he just goes merrily along with it. Complete clown πŸ™„ A dumb actor for sure πŸ˜€


  1. It’s a great show, I’ve watched it many times; but I do love watching out for the many many errors and mistakes in continuity, great fun I call out to the cast and crew and have a wild old time. I can recommend this involvement in TV drama πŸ˜€


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