The Good, The Bad & The Ugly…vol.iii

Here’s the rest of that lot of rubbish! Haven’t bothered finishing whatever it was I was going to write,  1) Can’t remember & 2) just a boring! 


“The Ugly”

Obviously this is a reference to me the “ugly” bit         😈

Since the removal of my stomach I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight, now I’m down around the 67-68 kg. and I now have plenty of empty skin, which if removed would probably put me down around 60 kg, I kid you not.

The other day when I was about to shave  my mind actually recorded what my eyes were seeing, nigh on frightened the living daylights out of me I promise. Looked a  bit like a living corpse so much so I was tempted to ring the ‘Gong uni and tell them to fill the tank up with formaldehyde or whatever it is they will immerse me in when I get there, as I was on my way!     ❓

True! I’m a “bagabones”. My chubby chops have gone replaced by nothing, hollow, the eyes sunk in amongst the bones/shull. I’ll wager the only reason my Coco recognizies me is by scent. I have to puff my chops out so that I can shave properly.

I doubt anybody’d know me now if they saw me they’d probably think I’m my father, or my mother if what Kerry tells  me, she says I’m the spit of my mother.

Which brings me to the heading for this post.

11 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly…vol.iii

  1. So, that’s from last year . . .

    Two questions:

    1) Seriously? You started watching reality shows when you could be reading any one of my 1,400+ posts with plenty of examples of literary prowess and deep thinking?

    2) what do you weigh now?


    1. I assure you I no longer watch that rubbish, I’m watching different rubbish instead!

      64 kg.

      O_o o_O


      1. I would advise a doughnuts, cookies, and Nutella sandwiches regimen . . . also bread. Lots of bread. And pasta. Lots of pasta.

        It’s how I keep my weight up.


        1. I’d like to stuff them all down my throat trouble is there’s nowhere for the stuff to go 😦


        2. Wait . . . if there’s nowhere for the stuff to go, how does drinking ale, or whatever he suggested, going to do the job?

          Just wondering how you get any nourishment.


        3. Before eating anything even a snack I take 2 capsules which would be barred to me if I was Jewish, they are ‘Creon’ capsules brought to earth by Captain Kirk on one of his many trips back in time.
          These capsules apparently extract all the nourishment whatever from the stuff I’m shoving down, cakes ice cream lamb chops steak etc etc etc, these capsules are filled up with lots of little balls of stuff, the stuff being made from as it delicately puts it, “Porcine Pancreas”, hence my reference to Mr Netanyahu and Co. 👿


        4. So, it sounds as if you could eat all the stuff I mentioned.


        5. Yes I can only problem is just that the little bit of intestine that serves as a stomach can’t take much stuff and I fill up quickly which spoils eating, I think you’d probaby move to Oregon. 😈


        6. Hmm . . . I think I’d be doing what I do now . . . constantly eating. Not much, but constant.

          Oregon is for when there’s no alternative.


  2. It’s odd pressing the “like” button, so please just read that as support. It’s a tough trying time, and hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My brother’s emotions were all over the place, and it brought him low for a long time. No one warned about the post-op depression, and the physical changes are alarming. I had long since noticed you updated your gravatar to an earlier photograph. I can’t guarantee you will return to a reasonable weight and “fleshiness” like my brother, but I can re-assure you that he did so . . . in time . . . and also that colour has returned to his face, and it filled out again (not chubby cheeks though – but he never had those anyway).

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  3. Thanks for cheering me up Gwen the only thing I’m depressed about is not enjoying food and the cooking of it, used to be my No.! love in life,

    The next pic/avatar will be one of me at age 2 😀 🙄


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