Yesterday was a very good day…

…with more to come I hope.    

Yesterday, which for reasons unknown to me, is known here in Oz as Easter Thursday, presumerably because today happens to be called Good Friday at a rough guess, any way today’s a public holiday; but I’m not planning on writing about today but yesterday; and why? Because it was a very good day.

Why was it I hear you/y’all ask, for a change I’d had a pretty good nights sleep/rest only had to get up for a pit stop 3 or it might have been 4 times, of late it’s been anything up to 7 or 8, over a period of 8 or 9 hours  it’s pretty  enervating or debilitating if you prefer, ( I know, I know it means the same).

I seemed to be free of my aches and pains and actually enjoyed my breakfast. Of course Coco comes and wakes me every morning, wanting his breakfast  at some ridiculous time and as usual I went back to bed for an hour before breaking mine; fast that is!

Had a pretty busy schedule lined up for the morning and early arvo,  Coco had an appointment at Orange Dogs Canine beauty parlor for 11:30 and I had to see my doc at 12:30. 

Coco was duly dropped off at the beauty parlor after many tantrums on his part; he knows as soon as I pull up within cooee of the place and flatly refuses to get out of the car. After a struggle Kerry managed to get a hold of him and lift him out and we forced him, reluctantly into the ‘parlor’.

I really don’t know why he carries on everytime, Corinne reallly loves him, she has spaniels of her own, and has his picture advertizing her place; if you don’t believe me, Google   Orange Dogs Lilyfield.

Being over 70 each year drivers have a medical  for the RTA, and once past 80 they may be required to undergo a driving test, which to my way of thinking is downright bloody insulting (excuse the French). I was a professional driver for I can’t recall how many years, too many to think about; and I see all these half wits and idiots on the road and I weep; well not literally.

It amazes me the number of people who have no idea of the rules of the road, ( I prefer the laws myself); have no idea of the size and power of the vehicles they are trying to steer (note steer not drive); and earnestly believe that the monstrous SUV machines are not a safety hazard. I’ll wager I could flip one in no time flat. They should be barred from suburban streets! That’ll cause a backlash from some quarters I can name, but won’t. Just follow the comments chums!    


Well my medical went well, my doc noted that I was looking good everything considered, and after the usual health checks he gave me the BIG going over for the driving licence business.Vision, reflexes everything he did the lot and I passed 100%, I think  he was somewhat surprised and with the clean sheet he issued I don’t have to take a driving test; unless some government bureaucrat decides otherwise.

My snacks and meals all went well, I had no pains or trouble at all during the day and evening, and what a good evening I had.

About half past six  I switched on the TV and scrolled through the nights programs to see what I was going to torture myself with or if I was going to continue watching the West Wing, I’m half way through series 3 now, and I’m mostly watching one disk each night but last night I was in for a treat.

Two names and my nights enjoyment was assured, Daniel Barenboim & Beethoven 7:30 to 8:40; what a wondrous man Maestro Barenboim is; I’ve been a great admirer and follower of him since the 1960’s when he was married to Jacqueline du Pré.

What a combination they were, and when combined with Perlman and Zukerman well then that was the real meaning of heaven on earth. M. Barenboim’s work these days with the Arab, Palestinian and Jewish youth is almost worthy of a Noble Prize.

I had thoughts of retiring at the end of this program, go out on a high note for a change, when I noticed the following program; the  Missa Solemnis, Beethovens great work which along with many other Masses, by Hadyn and Mozart appeal to my atheistic heart, I was going to say soul, but being atheist I understand from posts from a fellow ‘Blogger’ that I don’t have one!

I can’t be sure who it was now, Sony or Sanyo, one of the two was approached by the makers of the first CD’s to see if they’d be interested in using them, and whoever it was said “Yep!: providing that you can get all of Beethovens Ninth on one disk. They could and the rest is as they say….

They should have said the Missa Solemnis it’s a damned sight longer. My recording of this work takes 1¼ disks, which is somewhat of a nuisance having to change disks 4/5ths of the way through, although it’s not too bad really if I want a follow up Mass, the recording has Mozarts ‘Coronation Mass’ as a filler, it’s quite a joyous piece I really don’t mind.

It’s always amazed me that the great German masters wrote such beautiful music for some imaginary being and the people it was written for don’t seem to get the enjoyment out of it that we heathens do. Must be a moral there somewhere! There was a cardinal who banned Mozarts Masses from churches under his control; apparently it wasn’t because he disliked the music, but because Mozart was a Mason. What hypocrisy! C’est le vie

10 thoughts on “Yesterday was a very good day…

  1. Glad to hear it was a good day, Beari !! I knew this day would come. Very interesting about Mozart and the German people, I had no idea.

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    1. Thanks gp, The Germans/Austrians over a period of 200 years produced the greatest ,IMHO, composes of all time. Handel and Haydn, Mozart & Mendelssohn,Beethoven & Bach and more, and they were all obliged at some stage to write religious music, Masses.


  2. I’m so happy to hear you had such a good day and hope this means many more to come.

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    1. Thanks PT I hope so too, much more pleasant and enjoyable. 😀


  3. Sincerely happy for you, although we differ on the definition of “good day”. Perhaps if you’d swap epic music for that classical stuff we might be nearing the same page.

    . . . and sorry to hear you can’t steer big SUVs without flipping them. Really, they are not all that difficult to steer, and if you know what you are doing, not that likely to flip.

    Also, the first dog that comes up at Orange Dogs is that of a plastic facsimile . . . I presume that’s not yours as it looks rather inanimate whereas from your descriptions, yours is quite lively.

    Still, all-in-all, the above was a pleasure to read.


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    1. I Knew you’d bite! 😈 What I said about SUV is that I could flip one without any trouble, which is true. What you say about “if you know what you are doing” is also true; trouble is there are so many, here in Oz at least that don’t know what they are doing. Anyway I cannot see the point in having one of these things to go shopping at your local supermarket. Ludicrous and as a status symbol equally ridiculous and yet many people have them for just such, which I’m sure you will not deny.
      My favourite vehicle of all time to drive was the GM 6×6 when I was in the Army, never forget that machine, better than the fair dinkum Willy’s Jeep; not those things that use the name nowadays; I’ll wager penny to a pound that 90% of drivers of Jeeps don’t know where the name originated. Had a read of your link, who paid for that good report? Jeep, Toyota Nissan? probably the lot


      1. . . . as I knew you would take the “if you know what you are doing” bait.

        I never saw the Suburbans I drove as status symbols, nor do I view my current base Tahoe as enhancing my status in the human community. As an engineer (and also having seen the insurance institute’s crash data) I prefer having as much metal around me as I can. Plus, I think you need to experience Colorado winters (actually, nearly any winter in the upper half of the US) before claiming the uselessness of SUVs.

        But yes, many drivers have no clue about driving . . . still, many do. Can’t speak to driving upside down . . . perhaps AU drivers are not that good because all the blood rushes to their heads and they get confused.

        As for the article, he’s right. When I worked at GM I was amazed the maneuvers one could do with a full-size SUV. Unless you hit something (or some crazy Aussie hits you), they are difficult to roll (unless trying to do so).

        Did you read the bit about Corvettes rolling? Stupid and reckless drivers can roll just about anything.

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        1. No I missed that bit, the only corvettes I ever read about are the ones that sail upon the ocean blue flying the ‘Red Ensign”; my late brother did his initial sea training upon one of those ships many years ago, 65 in fact. They were probably the smallest warships built in the ‘modern era’ displaced about 600/650 tons, 1 x 4″ gun and depth charges. They were brave men who sailed them during WWII believe me!

          I know you haven’t any experience of Australian drivers (if they can be called that) but I think you’ve pretty well summed them up; they are without doubt the most selfish dangerous drivers anywhere on this planet I’ll be bound!

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  4. heavenly music, and passing all the tests brilliantly……….just wonderful.

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    1. Thanks Ira I agree entirely 😀


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