The War Office

Today the 8th December we celebrate the ?? anniversary of the War Office‘s birth.

You know the rules I don’t disclose the actual age of the female members of the family; suffice to say the War Office has had a few birthdays.

Unlike the rest of the family she’s not very fond of a song and dance to remind her what day it is and would prefer to have it slip by without notice; and respecting this our children will undoubtedly make a big day out of her birthday as is their custom and I will suffer from it thereafter; as it will be my fault.

I had thought of illustrating this notice but as it is more than my life’s worth I will refrain from inserting her picture.

Anyway Happy Birthday Kerry 


4 thoughts on “The War Office

  1. December 8th was my grandmothers birthday too. My grandmother was a very loving special woman who I loved dearly, therefore I will assume Kerry to be one of the best, after all she does put up with you.
    Love ya


  2. mark perrin 08/12/2012 — 10:59

    happy birthday young lady hope that old boy of yours takes you out for a slupup meal with a good bottle of wine .you need it for putting up with brian hahahahah . xxxxxxxxxxxx


  3. Cindy Potoeski 08/12/2012 — 11:39

    Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday Dear Kerry…Happy Birthday to you…I sure do wish you the bestest year ever…Sure do love and miss ya Cindy…XOXOXO


  4. Kerry,
    I completely missed your Birthday; that must put me in the good books. I frequently forget how old I am and have to calculate from my date of birth. I accept any celebration based around me, because it means at least a few people know you’re still alive. A very belated, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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