Greetings & apologies

Once again I must apologize to my reader/s for neglecting this site; I haven’t been feeling the best of late; in fact I’ve been feeling quite peaked, and though I’ve started many a blog I haven’t got around to finishing them off and posting them. They’re all in the draft folder and whether or not I ever get around to finishing and posting them is anybody’s guess. 

I must admit that I’m feeling pretty optimistic about seeing twenty 13 in now; however I’m not so optimistic about seeing it out.

Anyway, to all my devoted followers let me wish you both the complements of this festive season and wish you all that you wish yourselves.

2 thoughts on “Greetings & apologies

  1. Beari, although i am glad your posting something, I am not real thrilled about this post. I hope you start feeling better soon. Not sure what i would do without your opinions on everything. Just know even though we have never met in person, you will always be a true friend and I love ya. GET TO FEELING BETTER.
    Love ya


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