‘arfn ‘arf

Half and Half  Some years ago my daughter Sarah, aka Dopey Daughter, thought it would be a good idea to start on a family tree, she did start the tree and immediately passed the buck and it landed in my lap. Her reasoning was logical, I'm older, wiser and had more time to spend (read … Continue reading ‘arfn ‘arf

My Penultimate Move

A small explanation regarding the heading for this post. After living for nearly forty years on the Northern Beaches the War Office and I have moved to the inner city suburb of Annandale. For my Yankee and Confederate chums (buddy's) that is like moving from Long Beach, Long Island, NY to SoHo, Manhattan . From … Continue reading My Penultimate Move

Ignorance is bliss

There's probably some psychological term or reason for it but  I've never been much good at remembering names and faces; and putting names to faces.  It's never bothered me, the War Office reckons I'm rude. Well if I am I don't mean to be I just can't see much point in it half the time. … Continue reading Ignorance is bliss

Pride & Prejudice: (some more thoughts)

Last Thursday, being a particularly nice day Coco and I decided to annoy the War Office by relaxing in the garden, me with a book and Coco with some poor little lizard which he teases before devouring. I sometimes wonder how he would have fared had he been with us when we lived in Manly; … Continue reading Pride & Prejudice: (some more thoughts)

My dog and me.

  They may be old, tired and worn ( just like me) but the expression, adage or saying; call it what you will,  about being either a 'Cat' person or a 'Dog' person holds true, I sincerely believe this. And I'm a dog person, always have been and I suppose at my age it's impossible … Continue reading My dog and me.