Back to the Gap, that’s Shay Gap!

And still they keep coming!
Will there be no end to this onslaught?


When I first started to bore you to tears, with my reminiscence of Shay Gap, I told how ‘Paddy,’ my predecessor, was pulling around 4 kils. a week, and was slopping bucket loads of spillage, down the gurgler,  but the company didn’t care, they were happy with the figures he was giving them; in a way, this meant  problems for me.

Naturally, I decided to keep the same figures going through to Perth, for the time being, just to see how things panned out. Trouble was, I was making around $8.00 a keg more than Paddy. Every morning, after closing up from the early session, I’d do my books, and then slip over to the bank, and bank the previous nights, and that mornings, takings.

Now here I was at the end of a week, having banked enough to cover more beer than I’d shown on my returns.

How can…

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4 thoughts on “Back to the Gap, that’s Shay Gap!

  1. The strategy needs a rethink!


    1. Which strategy is that Andrew?


  2. Beer on the house. Guaranteed to make happy customers.

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    1. Especially when not expecting it!


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