Chuck & Charlie Of Shay Gap

Heres another, this one actually got a couple of comments, one from Lisa of course, and the other Ira, who you’ve probably seen by now as a regular contributer to the comments section.


It’s pretty true to say that in any large group of men, and I suppose the same applies to women, that there is or are one or two individuals who stand out from the pack, and there were one or two stand outs in my ‘Wet’ (not counting me of course says me modestly).

Foremost amongst them was Chuck, his real name was Charles, or Charlie, of course but Chuck was Chuck, too everybody and it also helped to distinguish him from another Charlie, and a very important Charlie, the other one was too; he was the bloke that lit the fuse for all the blasting, besides laying and setting all the explosives, he had other blokes to help him, but he was the man.

Very quiet sort of bloke, mostly drank by himself, I joined him once for a drink when he was alone;  he usually just sat…

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10 thoughts on “Chuck & Charlie Of Shay Gap

  1. Figures a place like Shay Gap would have some characters. Wouldn’t be surprised if you were one of them.

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  2. Chuck just isn’t a name that we have in the UK, but it is used as a term of endearment in the north of England where it is often common to call people ‘chuck’ or sometimes ‘hen’ and sometimes ‘duck’.


      1. Eee by gum is Yorkshire. Chuck and duck are from Lancashire and Hen is a Scottish expression. Also heard it in Geordie land up Newcastle way.

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        1. Never heard of chuck & duck or hen, I must have lived a sheltered life in London, although I did live a couple of months in Burnley 1944; whilst my mother was in the last stages of pregnancy with the Doodlebug baby.

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        2. Chuck is more Liverpudlian, or used to be. The late singer Cilla Black used it frequently. “Are you alright Chuck” Some Yorkshire men would use the word Love instead of Chuck. I dislike being called ‘Love’ by strangers. I use it as a term of affection.


  3. Chuck is such a great name – only certain ones wear it well.
    Great story


    1. I must agree with you there Phil, yet we never seem to use it here in Oz, my Chuck was the only one I’ve ever come across, Like the name Jake, I love it too but it’s rarely seen here.

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  4. I left a comment on the original post!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. I acknowledged it on the original post too 😁 😈😊😅 🐻😅🍻

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