Setting up the “Wet” at Shay Gap

And with that out of the way on with the next thrilling instalment that actually drew a comment from my chum Neill!


After getting the keys and taking over I paid a call to the town manager and told him I needed a refrigeration engineer/mechanic  as soon as possible. He didn’t ask why or what for just said okay. I think he thought I was a bit odd, I’d only been there a day or so and here I was running around as if I owned the place.

I’d virtually told my predecessor to go but my old chum and mentor ‘Goochie’ always told me; “when you’re running a bar or hotel always let everyone know from the word go who’s running the place and don’t take any nonsense or garbage from anybody, and that way you’ll never have any problems with staff or customers”.  And he was right.

The bar I took over was a bit of a mess, everything I had all the equipment, plant and accessories was…

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2 thoughts on “Setting up the “Wet” at Shay Gap

  1. Way to set up the “wet”, B!!! 🙂 Sounds like you got the place running smooth. (I shall read on to see for sure!) 😉
    I did NOT know at what temp beer freezes. Now I know.
    The way you write…I feel like I was there, too!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. Those are the little things you pick up when learning the business Carolyn; I had a good teacher, probably the best.

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