Shay Gap “The Wet”

Now that I have your attention here’s another in the saga; I haven’t edited the original so you’ll notice that there are little if no punctuation marks. You may also notice that the only person to read the origina, was Lisa the Loyal from Kentucky.


Once I’d unpacked and stowed my gear I had a bit of a nap for an hour or so then after a good long shower, (there was no shortage of water at ‘Shay’ even though we were stuck on /in the Great Sandy Desert, I’ll go into that at another time;) I presented myself back at the town managers office to meet up with the outgoing ‘Wet” manager.

I can’t recall this blokes name or much about him except that he was Irish, didn’t much like or give a damn about the running of the wet canteen just enjoyed the money; it was a good paying job with all food and accommodation thrown in; but he was anxious to move on.

At this time he was getting ready to open the bar for the night session. The ‘Wet’ operated two shifts , morning from 09.30 ’til 11.30 and afternoon…

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4 thoughts on “Shay Gap “The Wet”

  1. I sure am enjoying this saga, Lord 🐻 iOfBow!!! As I read, it plays like a movie in my head. I consider that good writing AND an interesting story! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. Well Carolyn there are 7 so far, that have been re blogged, and a few left to go. Might have to give it a rest, probably boring, and driving away some, of the few, followers that I do have. 😦

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      1. Well, blog what you want to blog. And I’m AM enjoying them! 🙂

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        1. Ienjoyed writing them when I think about it; they brought back some great memories, seems that writing this stuff does that 😛 😀

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