Made mummy’s day 🍸 😊

Our youngest daughter, Emma, mother of Ruby and Poppy May, as a child had a thing about horses. She was also a complete carnivore, who enjoyed nothing more for her breakfast, than sautΓ©ed kidneys, and bacon; and enjoyed a good roast lamb dinner, prepared and cooked by none other than her mother, normally referred to on these pages asΒ  the redoubtableΒ War Office: when served up to her.Β 

Must admit, the WO can do a better roast lamb than I.

Four or five years back, Emma saw the error of her ways, and became a vegetarian, like her sister, our eldest daughter, Sarah.Β 

No longer do they relish my food, or their mothers roast.

Happily our son, Nathan Sebastian, still does. Indeed, he knows there’s lasagne on the table tonight, and I have a text message, telling me that he will “get some’ at 5.30, and that Biljana will be happy; Biljana loves meat.

What on earth is this bloke rambling on about now, you may well ask.Β 

Emma as you know, along with her husband, Luke, and my two granddaughters has gone bush, sort of. They have about 6Β½ hectares (16 acres) of good land, up near Byron Bay on the north coast of New South Wales, and they inherited 2 goats.

They now have an increase in their family numbers; four calfs; sweet young animals that they rescued. Unfortunately they were not bred to supply milk in time, they are not destined for breeding, which doesn’t give them much of a future.

How Emma will handle the problem, when they become big. strong and docile is going to be a bit of a worry, and as for the girls……………………………Β 

Thought you might like to see some pics of the girls with the calfs, and theres even a glimpse of Emma in one and just for good measure I threw in another of my two granddaughters from which you will note that the “Yellow Wellies” are no more







A few more pics just arrived πŸ˜€




22 thoughts on “Made mummy’s day 🍸 😊

  1. Those lucky girls, growing up in such a beautiful place, with animals and nature all around. The experience will serve them well, especially if they move back to the city some day. City kids who don’t get to experience the outdoors like this are really missing out.

    Such beautiful country!

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    1. I think that Emma & Luke have done the right thing. The girls will certainly get the benefit, as will all those, that get to know them, and become their friends.
      Lovely country, plenty of hills, but no mountains like you enjoy.


  2. Now these blogs I like. What a wonderful life the girls are enjoying (not to say the cattle too).
    Funny about the lasagna…my boys love their mum’s lasagna too!!!
    Cheers, Carole


    1. My lasagne is 6 layers, there’s some photos on one of the blogs going through the 6 levels, it weighs in a bit over 3kilos
      Thought you’d have something to say about that ship on the top.


  3. Lovely photographs Brian. The girls will grow up with such lovely memories of their childhood. Thank you for showing us your family. πŸ™‚

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    1. Indeed they will, but it frightens me, the world we are leaving them, these might be the only pleasant ones they have.

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      1. Oh, Brian, I so agree with you. I look at my little ones and I feel exactly the same.

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  4. Bro, is that a photo of the M.V. Cheshire?if not but you have one, I would like to see it.
    Cheers, Carole


    1. Yes it is indeed the Bibby Liner MV Cheshire


  5. Ira Kowalski 08/10/2018 — 18:20

    Very cute.

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  6. Brian,
    your girls seem to be enjoying country life. They have taken to it like ducks to water.

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  7. Lovely pics, especially ‘love me love my calf’

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    1. it is indeed. Thanks Derrick πŸ™‚

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  8. Adorable, Beari. Pets they have become and pets they must stay.

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    1. Children and young animals, innocence untarnished; what can be better?

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  9. AW! Those two little gals are sweeter than a BIG bakery! And the animals are cute, too! πŸ™‚
    I can see why it made Mummy’s day! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚


    1. It’s just gorgeous Carolyn, πŸ˜€ I’m giving real serious thought to driving up there to see all the animals 🚘🐢🐎🚘🐐 ; trouble is I probably wouldn’t want to come back, Coco would like it ‘cept he doesn’t like cars travel, he gets very frightened; I think he must remember being taken in a car to be dumped.

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      1. It would be great fun to go! But difficult to leave Coco behind. Or to make him go and have him be frightened.
        Coop likes to travel, but he is always so very glad to get back home!
        When we arrive back home, it’s fun to see him run around looking at all his “stuff” (blanket, toys, fav furniture, etc.!) and he looks so happy to be home! πŸ™‚


  10. Adorable, every one. And who wouldn’t want to kiss her?

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    1. You wont get any argument from me Lesley, thanks for dropping by πŸ˜€

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