Ruby Alice & Poppy May.

I’ve been severely castigated,  by the War Office, for calling Poppy, Poppy May, when speaking about her, but never calling Ruby, Ruby Alice. I suppose I’m odd, as I consider Ruby, to be a strong, stand alone, name, and I think Poppy, which I find  a delightful name, gets an extra ring to it when May is added; and puts it on a par with Ruby.

And now, by special request, a few photographs of my granddaughters.

All of these photos were taken on my daughter’s, Emma, iPod, mobile phone thingy, which is not to be confused with that masterful Samsung Galaxy /Note 9 – dash who knows what, which does everything, bar the washing up and making SPAM sandwiches for their owners,

This iPod, it seems, only takes pictures in the portrait mode, which you will no doubt note.

To make it easier for you to view, I have rotated those that needed to be rotated, and there is no need for thanks for this hazardous exercise performed by me 😈



These were taken down the road leading to their property ( I think property rather than farm), at one of those help/serve yourself stalls which are a feature in the Australian country areas.




The girls are not too far from the beach, which will suit their daddy fine, he’s a great one for surfing, and doesn’t seem to worry about any Greg Normans that might be around.




The girls have really taken to the country life, and Ruby now goes to school a couple of days each week, which she’s enjoying at the moment; she will be going full time after the Christmas/summer school holidays. Whether she will still feel the same, we’ll have to wait and see; personally, I think she’s going to love it even more.

You’ll note in the bottom two pictures the ‘yellow wellies’; not for much longer I suspect she’s growing out of them 😥


To finish just a few to include the goats, and of course Butch, their dog, who I miss almost as much as my babies. If you look carefully at the top picture in this bit you’ll note that Butch’s near side rear leg is raised, I wonder why? 😈



38 thoughts on “Ruby Alice & Poppy May.

  1. Gotta be two of the prettiest little girls I’ve ever seen!

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    1. No argument from me there Susan 😛


  2. Very sweet lasses.

    I wonder how many folks will be puzzled by the “Greg Norman” mention.

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    1. I’ll wager you cottoned on straight away, even if you are a new Australian 😈
      And they are delightful little girls, well mannered and not demanding like so many are these days. Emma and Luke are doing a very good job I think! 😛

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  3. Very nice. I can see why you miss having them around. It’s also nice seeing kids having a decent life as these sure seem to have.

    As far as the photos . . . it has nothing to do with the camera and a lot to do with the photographer.

    When something is not framed, out of focus, backlit, etc. etc. it comes down to someone not taking a few extra seconds to do all that properly . . . which then begs the question of “why take the photo in the first place?”

    That said, some people don’t really care since the photo is but a place marker for what they know intimately well. Seeing these photos years from now will trigger the memory of the place and time and those will exceed the quality of the photo.

    . . . still, just a little bit of care would do wonders for the shareability factor.

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    1. Perhaps you’d like to write to Emma and explain that to her, I don’t think she will be dropping in to look at this post.
      My family think I’m odd being a “blogger”

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    2. Yeah . . . no. Under the assumption the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I don’t want to explain to — or discuss anything with — relatives of yours. Been there, done that, and no thanks.

      However, if she chances on this post and reads my comment, perhaps she’ll be moved to read this post:

      As for anyone thinking you “odd”, I’m not sure you should be blaming blogging but, again, not something I want to discuss or explain.

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      1. Well I’m happy about that.
        I think ((((HUGS)))) HA!


  4. I love your family photos, and what a lovely place to live.
    I like the comments about the family not reading your blog. My youngest, my son, never reads mine and I’m not allowed to mention him either, but seeing as he never reads it I go ahead anyway!
    My daughters read occasionally and don’t seem to mind being featured, though they were very wary of it the beginning.


    1. Thanks Sue; if it was the War Office writing this post,then you can bet your bottom dollar that our three billy’s, would be on commenting, and writing, great comments telling her, what a marvel she is; c’est la vie!

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      1. I think they probably enjoy winding you up!


        1. Not really, they never inherited the English sense of humour.

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        2. Ah I see. We do sometimes have to explain ourselves don’t we? Well, I love your humorous side.

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  5. Ira Kowalski 25/09/2018 — 17:28

    Thank you for sharing the photos of your beautiful granddaughters,
    Their expression is that of pure bliss.
    Just gorgeous.


    1. Thanks Ira, they certainly appear to be 2 very happy little Vegemites don’t they? 😀


  6. Oh! What beautiful sweeties you have in Ruby and Poppy! 🙂 🙂
    I think they both look like you, but especially Poppy! She has a wonderful smile and a twinkle in her eyes! 🙂 I’m so glad you have them in your life, Lord 🐻 iOfBow! and I’m glad they have you and The War Office! 🙂 Grandchildren are such a joy! 🙂
    HUGS to all of you!!!
    🙂 :mrgreen: 😀 😎 🙂


    1. Ruby 😇😇 is the dead spit of her daddy Luke; I shall have to try and sneak some pictures of Luke and Emma in a post; Poppy 😈😊is definitely the Smith side of the family. 😛
      They’re not in my life as much as I would like and wish Carolyn 😥 😥 ; they are 800 km away, I’m actually toying with the idea of driving up there 🚘🚘 , I could spread the trip over two days taking it easy. I don’t think it’s fair for me to fly 🛪🛪🛪 if as they tell me I’ve got a tricky ticker, and anyway if I drive I can take Coco. I would take the 🚄 train 🚄 but I don’t think they’d let me have Coco on board with me 🐶🐾 🐻

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      1. Oh, I hope you do get to go see them! And it would be wonderful if Coco could go!

        Cooper has been on many a car trip with us. 🐶 He is a great little traveler! 🙂


  7. Hi Bro, Now that’s better! I really liked the photos of the girls. I think they are a bit like our family but I can also see Kerry especially in Poppy. I like both the girls’ names. Ruby isn’t after our mother is she? Now I’d like to see photos of my nieces and nephew please. Cheers, Carole

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Ruby was named Ruby Alice, the Alice after her maternal great grandmother Desma Alice and another great grandmother by the name of Mary Alice; primarily I think after Desma, she and Emma were very close; and Emma delivered the eulogy at Desma’s funeral a few months before


  8. Lovely collection, Brian. Interestingly, our Poppy’s second name is Alice


    1. Thanks Derrick, the name Alice seems to be coming back in vogue as a second name; my mother was a Mary Alice, and the War Office’s mother was a Desma Alice, and you have a Poppy Alice; think I’ll go get drunk

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  9. Adorable girls. And it looks as if they are living an idyllic lifestyle. I particularly like the one where Poppy May is walking the dog.

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    1. She just adores dogs, and not the least bit nervous, she loves to hug and kiss them.
      I’m happy that they’ve settled in so well, although I must admit I miss them ringing the door bell 😥

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  10. Lovely photos of two wonderful kids! I know you are enjoying this stage in their lives—it’s so fleeting! Seems all of the children in my life are now fully grown!

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    1. I must admit I hated to see mine grow up, babies and little children are delightfully innocent, and it’s sad to see it disappear, very slowly.
      Thanks Diane 😀

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  11. When you write about grand-daughters there is a gentle softness about you that is quite becoming. As opposed to other times. I like your stories and photos of your grand-daughters.

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    1. They are indeed, and that’s not just a very proud grandpa talking 😀 Thanks for dropping by and boosting said grandpa ego 😀

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  12. No wonder you miss them so! What darling kids (and had to laugh because I agree with you about the names)
    While a loss for you, for these 2 to be given such a pleasant childhood in these environments and community, a little regret has to be worth it. Seems so rare for children to be in a place with childhood.

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    1. Thank you phil. I seem to have missed your comment, I do apologize, it wasn’t intentional.
      I’m really very happy for them, I tried to get the War office to move to the country nearly 40 years ago; we tried it for a while but she missed her family and friends in the big smoke so back we came to the city. Emma, our youngest daughter has always yearned for life in the country so I believe all will be well.

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      1. I’m in and out of blogging a bit – the ugliness of politics and anger has bled over and it’s just too much to keep running into…luckily there’s your place!
        We are very close to packing up and heading for the hills – cities are pretty brutal these days – and it’s filling in between the big one and our what once was a small town feeling area. But then there’s the kids and grandkids and there would be distance. We’ll see…if just the right place with Mts and big sky and cool for Molly appears, it may be enough…


  13. Sweet as sweet can be! 🙂 Though I know you’d rather be there….taking your own photos. I think the trip to see them sounds like a great adventure, assuming Coco is up for it. Well worth doing before they get much older. I agree with other comments about your soft side showing up when you talk about your lovely granddaughters. 🙂


    1. Coco’s done the trip once, the War Office, our eldest daughter, Sarah and Coco drove up there a few weeks ago, and I was left alone. I missed Coco. He’s normally with or around me 15/16 hours a day.
      I have a soft side when it comes to little children and animals; dogs in particular, the pity with children is they grow up and if the worst come to the worst, take after their mothers.

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      1. Speaking strictly for yourself right there at the end, I’m sure. 🙂


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