Coco in the wars once more :'(

At 0800 today my friend, and good companion, my dog  Coco, was admitted to the Annandale Animal Hospital. 

Last Thursday, the War Office and I, took Coco to see Doctor Nick, about a growth on a toe, on his back, left foot, which, though not seeming to give him any trouble, was growing ever larger.; and also to give Coco a thorough check up. 

Dr Nick, did not like the look of the growth, and took some samples to do a biopsy, advising us that it would have to be removed, and might necessitate the complete removal of the toe,  depending on it’s nature.

He rang later that night, and told me that it didn’t look good, and received my okay to send it off for full scale, deep probe at the laboratories, and with luck I’d get the report the next afternoon; the Friday.

It wasn’t until Tuesday of this week, that the full report came through, and Dr. Nick called me straight away.

Not good news. A malignant melanoma! The toe had to go; saspo!

To be on the safe side, and to make sure the cancer hadn’t spread, Dr Nick suggested a full body scan, whilst Coco was under the anaesthetic; to which we readily agreed.

“And while we’re about it, and as he’s under  how about we check his teeth?” “Do it!” “Whatever needs doing do it; he’s our precious dog!”  Actually I did say ‘baby’ not dog 😌.

Dr Nick is kind of new to the hospital, and the operation was to be carried out by Dr Joanna, a lovely Irish lady,  and has been a favourite of ours for some time now, a loving caring veterinary surgeon, ably assisted by Dr Leanne. 

Coco was in the very best of hands. But that doesn’t dispel the worry.      

Around 1600 hours, Dr Joanna, rang to say that the operation was a complete success,  there is no sign of the cancer spreading, everything appears to be in good shape;  I enquired as to what time I could come and pick him up; Dr Nick had told me that Coco would probably just be in for day surgery; and Dr Joanna dealt me a devastating blow; “I’d like to keep him in overnight after such a big operation and make sure he’s away from any chance of getting an infection”.

How could I say no?

I sure feel lonely tonight without him, nudging and tapping me with  a paw, telling me it’s time for food/treats and more food, more treats, a bit of a cuddle; he does like to keep me busy.

Dr Joanna told me that his teeth were cleaned, x-rayed, and are fine,  he can keep them all, and most importantly I can pick him up at 10 am tomorrow, only 14 hours away, but it will seem like an eternity.

I doubt I’ll get much sleep tonight.

As you see I’ve added a few pictures, which I took from the Annandale Animal Hospitals Website; Dr. Teresa was the founder of the hospital and Dr Gwilym is the co-owner; he’s Welsh, as you’ve probably gathered by the name and when I first met him I asked him to sing he declared that he couldn’t, I’ve never met a Welshman before that cannot sing, he’s a very fine surgeon. 

And Lando? He’s the hospitals  receptionist and likes to greet everyone on their arrival, except for cats, Lando is scared of cats and runs and hides, I love him 




47 thoughts on “Coco in the wars once more :'(

  1. Do hope all continues to go well with Coco, Lord B.

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    1. Thanks Robin, I love my dog 😥


      1. Sounds like Coco is in very good hands and getting the best of care. I’m not sure of the time there, but I hope by now he’s safely back in your arms. Give him some pats from me.

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  2. Good news then! . . . Except for the whining, cranky baby at home.

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    1. I’ll tell the War Office what you said and she will undoubtedly retract the statements she made about Melisa, then again she’s just as likely to agree with you!


      1. Why would she retract the statement about Melisa? I’m pretty sure Melisa has nothing to do with your whining. I judge it to be a side effect of egotism

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        1. ….with which you are familiar? (((HUGS))) Ha!

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        2. Hmm . . . that’s odd. I don’t remember writing that last sentence. In fact, I know I didn’t because it doesn’t fit the context (and it’s missing the period at the end).

          I did use the phone to answer that and I wonder if I accidentally pasted an old clip from the clipboard. I say that because I think that’s a fragment of a sentence from another comment I wrote.

          . . . and you didn’t answer the question.


  3. Eric Berryman 27/09/2018 — 21:35

    Terric drama, well told. Thanks. One of our daughters – the youngest at 49 – is director of development for the New Mexico Humane Society. She’s (along with her husband) as much in love with dogs as you are. My wife and I feel we’re too old for a dog. But I sure do miss a dog in my life.


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    1. Never too old Eric, my Coco is a rescue dog, and I got him when he was 4 years old, and I was 77, I’m now in my 84th year 😛 Go get a dog keep you young

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  4. Ira Kowalski 27/09/2018 — 22:17

    Brave Coco.
    Wishing him a very speedy recovery.


  5. Now that’s good news! So glad Coco has had a very necessary operation and is on the mend!


  6. Fingers crow for full recovery!

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  7. I miss my Cody and love him still 2 years after he was sent to the rainbow bridge. So glad Coco will be alright!!


  8. I am so glad you took Coco to the vets when you were worried about him. This has been a stressful time for all of you. Just 2 and 1/2 hours until you can hug your beautiful boy and take him home. Hugs to you and T.W.O. ❤

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  9. Oh, no! Poor little Coco! 😦
    But, oh, yay! I’m so happy for Coco…that everything is fine and he will be back home with you soon! 🙂
    Cooper and I send our best wishes and ❤ for Coco! Gentle rubs and pats, too! 🙂
    Sounds like Coco has been in great and loving hands! 🙂
    Ha, I love Lando! 😀
    Coop had to go to the groomers for about 5 hours on Saturday and I missed him soooooooo much! So I understand you missing Coco and your great concern for him being in surgery, etc. 😦
    🙂 🐻 🐶 🙂 🐾 😀 😛 🙂

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    1. Thank you Carolyn, he is home now looking lost and forlorn, and I’m feeling lost too,

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      1. Aw. I’m sure he isn’t feeling good. And when our pooches don’t feel good it makes us sad. 😦

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      2. How is Coco doing today?
        He’s in my thoughts and best wishes.


        1. He’s fine thank you Carolyn, back to his old self, looking for treats and attention and making me a happy little chappie at the same time. they certainly take over our lives and I wouldn’t change that for quids 🍻 😁 🐶🐾 🐻 😊 😅

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        2. 🙂 :mrgreen: o_O 🐶🐾 🐻 😀 😛 🙂


  10. 🐶😀 I don’t know how to do a great run of emojis but it still means I hope it all goes well.

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    1. It’s the thought that counts


    2. Your posts are back in the comments column, this will drive me more bonkers than I already am


      1. OK. I will unfollow you again and see what happens. But when it happens to me when Leggypeggy post and hers end up on mine I just ignore them.


        1. your comments now have to get approval they dont just go on like everybody else’s have you had a blue with WP?


        2. No. My comments to you have to get approval because I unfollowed you. and you should have unfollowed me. If you approve this comment then mine should all come on automatically as always. But I sure as hell want to know what has gone wrong. It all started when one of Leggypeggy’s appeared on my blog.

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        3. Well I had to approve this one and the one before and the one before that too, there’s a stuff up some where, and I think Emilio should extract his digit and fix it


        4. I am still ‘UN-following you’ WP says the matter is fixed but I’ll see it when it happens.


        5. Did you read Emilio rant? Doesn’t take much to set him off. It’s good fun doing it; it’s what keeps me young and cheerful 🙂 and a ((HUG)) for him which he will ignore 😛

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        6. You know what they say . . .

          You know what they say . . .

          “Solve a person’s problem once and they’ll keep on asking you for help; let them figure it out on their own, and you’ve spared yourself a world of aggravation.”

          That said, if neither of you is subscribed to the other, then the likely reason you have to approve the comments is that in your setting you flagged the option that new commenters are held in moderation until approved.

          There are other options as well, like requiring e-mails or to be logged into WordPress, and so on.

          Before someone comes back at me telling me “No, no; that’s not it!” or the more common “Whaa! {whine; wimper} I don’t know where to look for that setting!” understand that I’m going by what amounts to a poor and probably inaccurate description of whatever problems you imagine WordPress is creating for you.

          It might behoove people with blogs to review their settings once in a while and maybe make an effort to understand what those settings do.

          I say that because if it’s an actual bug with the program, then everybody would have the same problem. WordPress has an extensive knowledge base you can search for fixes as well as extensive documentation of the features and options associated with the dashboard for a blog.

          You can also e-mail or chat with their helpers but I advise against it because of the natural tendency you guys have to argue for a delusional view of the world (need I mention the brown rice bowl incident?) and approaching everything in an adversarial way. Better to just do research into the issue.

          If it’s only you two, despite the temptation to assume you deserve whatever aggravation comes your way and cheering WordPress for making it so, it’s likely the source of all your problems are self-induced.

          There; I hope that helps. You are welcome.

          There; I hope that helps. You are welcome.

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  11. Your Coco is a fighter. I’m sure you’ll both be happy to be reunited. All the very best to you both.


  12. Hopeful. Much relief.

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  13. Brian,
    sorry to hear Coco has had some health problems, but I’m pleased you have faith in the vets caring for him and that he has had a thorough grease and oil change and will be his old self again very soon.

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  14. That’s not cool, Brian. I’ll e-mail you about it. I’m also unsubscribing from this post.


  15. I wish we could find a vet so kind and good. You’d think with the size of this place, but no. Maybe it’s just too hard with so many and all the new equipment to make a living
    That receptionist would make people feel comfortable and more at ease when worried about a fur friend.
    Cheers for your vet clinic and staff – they sound astute and smart (while he’s under anesthesia – keep a little bit longer just to be sure)
    Feel better soon, Coco


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