14 thoughts on “Friday happy dance

  1. I’ve gotten chills from some singers, but 1st time I’ve ever gotten chills from dancers, The piano was just unbelievable. Hope all is well with you.

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    1. I started ballroom dancing classes aged 12 after the end of WWII, wasn’t much chance to do so before I was very good, or so I thought until I watched these children.
      Used to love ballroom dancing always the first bloke up and always got a partner

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  2. These children have amazing talent. I hope they do what they are doing, because they want to do it, not because their parents want them to compete. When I see children competing at this level, I always think of JonBenet Ramsey.


    1. Going by the expression and the enthusiasm shown I have no doubt that these children are doing what they want and love with no pressure. I’d imagine that they are quite a handful for their parents.


  3. Wish they’d given the pianist a brief solo. I could barely pick out her playing over all the other music and singing. Or maybe my laptop speakers just weren’t up to the task.

    I’ve seen some marvelous young dancers and these are as good as any. I’m always amazed by what they can do.


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