Mustn’t keep a lady waiting too long, must I?

One day last week, I read a post from the ever refreshing Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge; and somehow the subject of lizards cropped up, I happened to mention my old family of ‘Blue Tongues” when I was living up on the Northern Beaches; you all/y’all know how I ramble on; and as usual opened my mouth, well in this case opened up that somewhere I had some photos I’d taken of them.

Well Phil of the mouse, said that she couldn’t wait to see them, well not exactly; her words were, “Want to see that baby”!

So what could I do but go in search of the pictures I’d taken. 

Was quite a task, as you might imagine, after blowing up my old faithful steam driven ASUS so much stuff got lost/mislaid/misplaced (covers just about everything) but I knew that somewhere in cyberspace/computer land I had a picture of my old blue tongue lizards. 


After much effort I managed to find one, yes, just one photo of my lovely old family of three beautiful blue tongue lizards and here she or he is …….

Blue tongue Lizard

this one was about 35-40 cm in length (14”-16”approx) and liked to nestle close to the fence, where it could get some sun and also some tucker. Another favourite spot was just inside the laundry door, but I won’t bore you with that.

If you’ve got blue tongues in your garden , you haven’t got snails and other nasties, they gobble them all up, they’re also fond of over ripe bananas peaches et al. 

So for Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge heres the picture, I’m sorry he/she is not poking it’s beautiful blue tongue out at you, I’m sure you’d have loved that 😀




34 thoughts on “Mustn’t keep a lady waiting too long, must I?

  1. Your lizard story has reminded me of the horny toads (known scientifically as Texas horned lizards) I often caught and kept as pets when I was a child. They’ve been in serious decline since then and are steadily disappearing. Sad for everyone.

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    1. The Blue Tongues make great pets I believe, I know that they are very expensive to buy, but not to feed, Frankly I think it’s wrong tp keep such creatures as pets, I just considered myself very lucky to have them living quite content out my place :D. The have got quite a bite too believe it or not, nothing fatal mind not like our normal pet snakes crocodiles pets whatever 😈
      Thats sad losing your horned lizards Ive seen pics of them and I think they are rather lovely in a gruesome sort of way. 😛

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  2. I do like blue tongues, and there’s one who cruises my patch of land from time to time. One day, I heard a strange rattle of the cat door, and when I looked, sure enough, the blue tongue had somehow managed to make himself at home in my lounge. This provided excitement for my cat, as I caught the lizard and took it back to lizard land.

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    1. I was unlucky once when living in Manly, one of our lizards came into the house and our bedroom, caused a panic so much so that poor creature ran outside. Sadly I missed it I wasn’t there, had I have been I’d have invited it to sit at table and have some fruit. I loved them never handled them though much as I was tempted to, just let the little lizards that were all over the place wander over me. 🙂

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  3. I’ve got one in my backyard. The man behind me is a lecturer in the Faculty of Veterinary Science, at the University of Sydney. He is a herpetologist and has a collection of reptiles in a shed against my fence. I think it has escaped from there. It has one leg missing, but seems perfectly healthy and happy.

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  4. A dramatic and attractive dear. Large-ish and all. Thank you for sharing this snap. I love lizards. Here there are lovely green ones. They are smaller than your Blue Tongues. I have always enjoyed watching them.

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    1. The Blue Tongues seem to be a fearless lot, We had one loved, to hang out in the laundry, which was below and at the back of the house.
      Used to frighten the living daylights out of the War Office.
      Loved that animal.

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  5. I love this! He or She is beautiful! and I would have loved to see the tongue! 😛
    Lizards are so cool! 🙂
    But, I wasn’t too thrilled when I had one running around in the back of a new couch! Ha! Fortunately, he came out eventually and I escorted him outside. 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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        1. Are they not the most beautiful lizards you’ve ever seen? ❤ I love em they're my favourite and they are so damned independent believe it or not, they do what they want and move when they want:D 😈 😛

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        2. they’re pretty arrogant too, they think they are top “dog” when out enjoying the sun, 😛 😀 We have to get out of their way and walk around them, they don’t walk around you, I l<3 ❤ em to bits, 🐻 O_o o_O

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        3. There are some people who give even the little tiny ones a wide birth 😀 , I’d give our Goanna’s a bit of a wide birth, they are bigger and heavier than me. Some grow to 2 metres 😛 They could probably gobble me up now, I’ve shrunk so much since misplacing my stomach 😈 🐻 O_o 🙄

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        4. Are Goannas like Monitor Lizards or Kamodo Dragons?! Those dudes scare the bejesus outa’ me! 😮
          I need to google “goannas”.
          Where did you leave your stomach?! 😮


  6. Well done, Every garden needs a blue tongue or a Bob-tail Lizard. As you mentioned – no snails. And I have never seen a snake where the is a lizard but I don’t know if it is relevant.

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  7. What lovely coloring – and those little toes. Lizards always have the most wonderful feet and toes. And blue tongues? – perfect lizard accessory item
    That’s certainly a creature worth having around – much better than pesticides.
    Our local ones ar much much smaller, but still of the helpful clan. After the bitter cold and wet weather some finally were spotted sunning themselves in high sheltered spots. We’ll certainly need snail control with all the frost killed plants. I found a couple prone still ones and moved them gently to sunny ledges hoping that they like the larger ones in Florida falling out of trees are in a sort of suspended animation.
    Thanks for locating a pix

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