The right thing. A just reward!

It’s not usually my practice but the other day, Tuesday or Wednesday, I’m not sure which, I did the right thing! Kerry, my wife, sometimes (when she’s not around) referred to as the War Office, said that she was thinking of driving over to Birkenhead Point, to see if she could get some shoes/trainers/runners/joggers; (think that covers the lot) as she hadn’t been able to find any to fit in our local shoe shops. 

Like me, she is hard to fit when it comes to footwear. We are both somewhat on the small side, (40 years ago she was on the petite side) and have rather broad feet; and she wanted/needed new s/t/r/j’s for when she goes to the park with Coco and me, or without me.

Birkenhead Point is a great place to go shopping, 

but it’s bugger of a place to get to, and more so if you’re not that good at navigation. And my wife will readily admit that she is useless when it comes to direction.

 I’m sure if you were to ask her, in which direction was North, she’d point upwards, East, right hand pointing out; you get the idea? So I said I’d drive her. Told you I did the right thing!

She made a feeble protest, assuring me that she’d be right, and that I could’t possibly manage to drive there. It’s about 5 km. Enough said! 

Sadly, we have to leave Coco at home, when we go on these Safari’s, which is why we do it rarely. Hard of hearing  as I am, I could hear him crying as we left, I steeled myself, knowing full well that he was safe, he could go into the backyard if the need arose, and there was plenty of fresh water to drink, and he had his comfy bed to curl up in.

We’d only be gone an hour, two at the the most.

Fortunately, I have one of those “Disability” permits, that I affix to the windscreen, when ever I use the parking spots, for those such as me 🐻  I assure you I never abuse the privilege; and we were able to secure a parking spot that required very little effort to enter the wonderful world of shopping. 

I don’t know whether I’m odd or not, but I do enjoy, and get a kick out of. going shopping through  Malls and suchlike!

The War Office headed for the Nike store, she had no idea where it was, however she had me to guide her, and we went straight there 😈 A lovely young lady, with a big smile, and gorgeous dimples came to serve the wife and after a great battle, found a very nice pair of  s/t/r/j’s that were pretty close to being a good fit, just a slight problem with the width. 

I offered the advice; for what it was worth, that after wearing them for a few days, they would in all likely hood stretch, just enough, to make them a good fit. So on that premise the s/t/r/j’s were purchased. The are a very handsome looking s/t/r/j! 

Miss Big Smile, with Dimples, suggested that the New Balance Store on  the top level might have something better, as they specialized in wider fits when it came to s/t/r/j’s, and if we found something there, we could always bring the Nike’s back and get a refund, which I thought was jolly well decent of her.

Up we went to the New Balance store, I have had NB s/t/r/j’s but never from an NB Store, usually from a local shoe shop; they’ve never really had my size, always been too big, but I get conned, and believe the rubbish about having to have them a bit on the large size. They just want the sale and I’m disillusioned 😥

A very nice young man came to attend to us, and whilst he was finding s/t/r/j’s to fit the WO, I wandered around the store looking at mens s/t/r/j’s. 

Were my eyes deceiving me? There on the rows of s/t/r/j’s were sizes 4 and 5 and 6, I hadn’t been drinking, and realized that here were shoes that would actually be the right size, to fit me!

Shaking, I went in search of my wife, holding in my hand a very nice pair of s/t/r/j’s, in a delightful shade of navy blue. Not the damned, boring white, that I’ve put up with for years.

“Behold” says I, or something along those lines, “shoes to fit me, size 5” , “I don’t believe i!” says she; “tis true” says I, “Then you better buy them” says she; “I will” says I, “But I better try them first” “Too tight”  cries me, “Wrong size” says she, “She’s right” says he! “I have a lovely pair in brown suede, that will fit you to a tee”!

And so they do. For the first time, in many years, I have shoes on my feet that are a perfect fit. I had despaired of ever having the comfort, and joy, of footwear that actually fit and having toes that can wiggle.

And by the bye; Kerry was equally as fortunate, and found the perfect fit. Next Wednesday she will be returning the Nike’s, and getting more NB’s, and me?

I’ve have my just reward. 😀 


I haven’t forgotten George, he’ll be here soon enough! 🐻

59 thoughts on “The right thing. A just reward!

  1. Hi Bro, or Petit Twinkle Toes🤗🤗. So glad you got your chaussures. I too have trouble finding shoes, wear a size 5B and have had operations on tumours. Never comfortable. But two years ago whilst in Spain, the snow meant that my sneakers were most unsuitable so I went into a shoe shop and bought the most comfortable boots ever made!!! So enjoy your sneakers/ trainers et al in good health when you find a decent pair of shoes buy them and celebrate the comfort!!!!😊. Caz


  2. Ah, New Balance. My go-to brand for decades, although occasionally I do buy Saucony. And you’re quite right; if you’re feet aren’t happy, you’re not happy.


    1. I’d never heard of NB’s until 3 or 4 years ago, when I went to y local shoe store and the lady there suggested them, trouble was the stock they kept was limited so I settled for the usual, (too big!)and thought that NB were as bad as the rest.
      My wife is now a full fledged devotee of the NB and this is her first go with them, she intends to buy another pair this Wednesday when we have to go the Point again.


  3. Brian,
    I’m pleased that you found a pair of shoes that fit you comfortably. Recently I purchased a pair of “Duckfeet”, at the shoe store on the corner of Styles and Catherine Streets, Leichhardt. They are Danish and made from German leather – very sturdy. As the name suggests, they are shaped a little like duck’s feet; instead of the toe tappering they broaden out into an almost semi-circular shape at the toe, giving you plenty of toe wriggle room. They weren’t cheap, but very comfortable and should “see me out”. I don’t mind paying a bit more for shoes, because I don’t have the expense of running a car and need to have strong, comfortable shoes to do all the extra walking.

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    1. Kerry went there awhile ago to get some shoes made for her and find that they do not make shoes for women, just men. She was most unhappy.
      I’m so enjoying the comfort of these new shoes that I’m loathe to take ’em off 😀

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  4. 5km and you need to drive there? Why, all you need is a decent pair of shoes and you could walk it . . . oh, right.

    Seriously, glad you found a decent pair of shoes. I’ve worn NB for the better part of my life, and have always been happy with them. I buy the ones with velcro as opposed to laces (and have done so since my 30s) as I find them infinitely more adjustable than laces.

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    1. 5km of up hill and down dale, my son wouldn’t hesitate, but that’s my son.
      I did but a pair of runners a couple of weeks back, they were a fair fit, just a pity I didn’t know this NB store so close had shoes that actually fit. First time I’ve been to a “Factory Outlet” store in Australia, didn’t know we had ’em, I went to the Nike Outlet store in ’05 and maages to buy a couple of pair that fitted quite well,but not nearly as well as the new NB’s
      My wife suggested the velcro but I told her I’m a grown up and velcro are for children that don’t know/can’t tie laces properly. So there you go 🙂


    2. Velcro is for engineers who are fans of precise control and efficient designs.

      But, I understand your reluctance to try anything new . . . something about old dogs and new tricks, as I recall.

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        1. Ah, a common mistake. Let me enlighten you . . .

          It’s not the engineers who are complaining; engineers design different versions of things, and it’s people who are not smart enough to figure out which version/size they should use and then complain that it’s not right, doesn’t fit, doesn’t do what they want it to do.

          I’ll let you in on another little non-secret . . . engineers usually get blamed because people without engineering degrees don’t like to admit to their cognitive shortcomings. Part of my training included classes on tolerance when dealing with non-engineers and lesser beings in general.

          . . . I failed most of those classes . . .

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        2. I had a dear friend who did not suffer fools lightly. Often I could see his point, but he was quite insufferable at times, so that I could also understand why many avoided him. I doubt he would have bothered to turn up for the classes in the first place – and if he did, he would never have admitted to failure.
          Anyway, my “first thing that comes to mind” is … by inference, your comment suggests to me that engineers do not have cognitive shortcomings, such as non-engineers and mere mortals have. Ergo – you should KNOW what needs to be designed, and therefore it is not up to lesser beings to “figure out which version/size they should use”. The engineers should instruct the masses in what they need and how to use it. It would create great economies of scale and cut production costs tremendously.

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        3. However much I appreciate the assumption that engineers are god-like in their power to satisfy the fickle masses, humans themselves are flawed designs, so the charge that engineers could even contemplate one-size-fit-all solutions is logically flawed,

          Sadly, that is even outside the powers of (mythical) gods to accomplish as witnessed by billions of unanswered prayers all asking for the right size glass.


    1. It was a shopping day that I took on reluctantly, Diane, I’m a bit ‘iffy’ in crowded shopping centres these days, not moving as quickly as I used to, but when needs must, and in this case my wifes needs were a definite must, I was amply rewarded by finding something least expected and out of the blue.
      The comfort of well fitting shoes was something I could, once, only dream about. Now a reality 😀
      Like you treasure your finds, I shall treasure mine


  5. Gosh, haven’t been to Birkenhead in years, and had no idea they had implemented a shopper-hopper. But New Balance have been a brand that has served me well over the years. By the way, I bought some lovely boots on-line (!) from Rivers and they are fabulous! First time I’ve tried that. And also by the way, I’ll be in Sydney tomorrow, coming along with a group to see this latest Titanic exhibition. I baulked at first, fearful they were making a “game” out of the event, but am assured it is all very respectful. Then I hope to pop over to the Mitchell Library for a spot of research. I’ll wave to you from a distance.

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    1. We are off to Birkenhead again tomorrow, we have to go for some scans at Drummoyne so will pop in on the way back. Coco will be fine, he’s booked in for a beauty treatment which takes a couple of hours or so. Haven’t been to the Mitchell in yonks. Great Library. I’ll give the Titanic a miss, To commercialized now. Saw an interesting program on the History channel the other ight on the sister ship the RMS/ HMHS Brittannic, much more to my liking.
      I’ll look out for the wave from the Iron Cove Bridge 😀

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      1. I highly recommend The Midnight Watch by David Dyer. It’s readily available in bookstores and Leichhardt library has a copy. It is based on the Californian and what actions it did/did not take during the sinking. Fictionalised, but based on fabulous research.

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        1. I’ve made a note for the WO to get it for me next time she’s at the library.
          Our chum/buddy ej is getting stuck into you Gwen, I’m just ringing the bell after each round. I scored Rnd 1 Disperser 🙂

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  6. Sounds like a great day of shopping! I love the photos, too. And I love love love NB’s shoes. Not all of them, but the women’s style that has lots of room for toes to wiggle! I’ve worn them for decades. At this age there’s nothing like a good pair of shoes to make me happy. I’m still wearing a clearance pair (3 pairs of the same style) that cost me nearly nothing. Don’t know what I’ll do when they expire…. 😦

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    1. You go out and but another 3 pair? 😈 Seriously though I can’t imagine how it must feel, having rarely had shoes that fit and are perfectly comfortable. I can’t recall the last tie I had that experience. I suppose it’s really my mothers fault which I wont go into here 🙂

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      1. Yes, I did. They were on clearance, so I got brave and took the plunge! I never regretted it. They don’t make that model anymore. 😟


        1. Unfortunately, you’re correct! Not just about shoes, but about clothes as well. I’m caught with a small, slender build in world of ready-made fashions for other builds than mine. 😦 And I stopped sewing my own clothes when I began teaching at the seminary…. Nonetheless, I still have more than enough clothes. It’s the shoes that matter most, and are the most difficult to find. Maybe that’s partly because I’m allergic to shopping for shoes. Most of the time it’s a gigantic time-waster, and the young clerks don’t have a clue what to do with my achy old feet!

          Well, on that happy note, I wish you a happy day or a restful night–whichever comes first! 🙂

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