Be wary of waiting in anterooms!

Better late than never, this post is responsible for my next post which will be hitting the site immediately


 Background: The leader of the free world (LOFW) sends out a message across a hemisphere and calls for the leader of Australia (LOA) to come and see him. The LOA arrives at the appointed time and at the appointed place but the LOFW has ducked into a pub for celebratory drinks with his henchmen. So the LOA cools his heels and waits. In the great scheme of things he rates far below celebrating the dismantling of millions of people’s health care. And so when the LOFW greets the LOA they both put on a good show for the cameras and tells the world – those who are interested – that they are the best of buddies.  The End.

I lay awake last night stewing over a myriad of insect bites that had caused my itch. I remember sending a note to the School Principal requesting permission to take my class…

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13 thoughts on “Be wary of waiting in anterooms!

  1. Are saying that I have a personal invitation from President Trump to stay at the White House.
    How fab. He can keep me waiting for an audience indefinitely. I shall wile away the time site seeing. And actually I shall fully understand it if an audience cannot be granted in the end.,and would thus prefer it.
    Now how long can I book myself into the White House, AND, would prefer a room overlooking the front of the building. AND are meals included.


      1. Gosh, I hate explaining things to old people . . . I was referring to your buddy advising Australians should cut and run from the association with the US because they were made to wait; by that logic — and principle — he should cut and run from his principal (who also kept him waiting).

        I know they are closely related in sound, but there is an actual distinction between “principal” (a self-important individual of dubious worth) and “principle” (something people expect others to stand on even as they excuse themselves from it).

        Hope this helped.

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        1. I’ve been out of bed some 30 minutes, still half asleep after another lousy night and now I get you picking and nagging at me, what sort of a day am I in for now? 👿
          A bloody good one by the sound o it, gets the blood running 😀
          Anyway he’s a mate not a buddy you’re a sort of buddy being a sort of American, and he’s my mate as I’m sort of an Australian 😈

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