13 thoughts on “Be wary of waiting in anterooms!

  1. Are saying that I have a personal invitation from President Trump to stay at the White House.
    How fab. He can keep me waiting for an audience indefinitely. I shall wile away the time site seeing. And actually I shall fully understand it if an audience cannot be granted in the end.,and would thus prefer it.
    Now how long can I book myself into the White House, AND, would prefer a room overlooking the front of the building. AND are meals included.


    1. Have you had a red wine or three Ira, you sound as confused as I feel. Are you joining us ar]t the Vic next Sunday?


  2. Hmm . . . we can all agree Trump is a chump and so is his principal.

    . . . I think he should cut his ties to his principal . . .


    1. I doubt he has a principle to cut perhaps he should look in the mirror and utter the two words he seemed to enjoy uttering


      1. Gosh, I hate explaining things to old people . . . I was referring to your buddy advising Australians should cut and run from the association with the US because they were made to wait; by that logic — and principle — he should cut and run from his principal (who also kept him waiting).

        I know they are closely related in sound, but there is an actual distinction between “principal” (a self-important individual of dubious worth) and “principle” (something people expect others to stand on even as they excuse themselves from it).

        Hope this helped.

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        1. I’ve been out of bed some 30 minutes, still half asleep after another lousy night and now I get you picking and nagging at me, what sort of a day am I in for now? 👿
          A bloody good one by the sound o it, gets the blood running 😀
          Anyway he’s a mate not a buddy you’re a sort of buddy being a sort of American, and he’s my mate as I’m sort of an Australian 😈

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        2. Whatever; I’m not one to judge the mating habits of Australians.


        3. Think I;ll go back to bed and pull the covers over my head!


        4. Hey! . . . I don’t need to hear any intimate details, thank you very much!


      2. Unless you are implying your buddy has no principles, something I can’t comment on.


        1. Of course he’s got principles he’s a dinki-di Aussie!

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  3. Hi Brian! Thanks for the reblog. You can see my comments to John on his site….


    1. Yes I did read them, I always read the comments made by others, I’d hate to say the same thing that someone else has said,

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