This is getting tedious! :(

Wednesday was not a good day. At some ridiculous hour, 09.00 (9 am for PT) I had an appointment at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Medical Centre, I was booked in for an ‘Echo’ test prior to my appointment with Prof. Kilian, Cardiologist, for my annual check up.

Prof Kilian was the bloke that gave God, aka Dr Sandrouussi,  the okay to chop me up a couple of years back. He’s a lovely bloke, I like him, Kerry doesn’t for some reason, I think he scares her. He’s very disciplined, no messing about, straight talking, how could I not like him?

As usual there was no waiting, I don’t bother taking a book to read whenever I have to go to the RPA, or the RPA Medical Centre. There’s no messing about, if you have an appointment for 9, you just better be there.

Would you believe, that when you arrive and check in, the time’s recorded! True, I saw it on the card I had to hand in on leaving. “Appointment 09.00 Arrived 08.56”. I was cutting it fine, Kerry dropped me off, and took Coco to the park for his run. He had a lovely time, when they came to pick me up, he was covered in mud.

Normally the ‘Echo’ thing takes around 25/30 minutes in and out, yesterdays took a bit longer.  It took around 50 minutes

Being a teaching hospital, the RPA  is attached to the University of Sydney, hereinafter referred to as the Uni, and yesterday, it was my pleasure to be little Sir Echoed by one of the students/undergraduates, post graduates, whatever of the Uni, under the guidance of a qualified ‘Echo’ taker.

I like being a guinea pig, I had a great old time, when I was in the RPA for the month back in 2015.  I was everyones, guinea pig that is!   😀

At 11.00, I went to see my new GP Dr Ping Nee, I imagine she’s keeping Dr Francis aware of what’s happening. She looked a bit down  when I went into her rooms; it didn’t last long after I opened up with “looks like my mates come back to haunt me”, I don’t think Percy had told her that I knew about the blood, in the specimens.

I asked if she thought that I’d now got cancer in the lower regions,  and she said there’s a distinct possibility, what with my record. I told her okay, fine, we’ll just let nature run it’s course, and she said that she’d like to talk to God, although she actually blasphemed, and called him Charbel,  Dr Sandroussi prefers to be addressed by his first name, and Dr Ping Nee was once a disciple of his. I cannot bring myself to address him as anything but Doctor or God.

Being an atheist, socialist, and of Arab descent, he really doesn’t give a damn what we humans call him.

Rambling on as usual.

Dr Ping Nee decided that she would ring God, there and then, I told her to go for it, but that he wasn’t into the bottom end, he was into the top end; that is the upper gastrointestinal. She hopped onto the phone and rang his office. He wasn’t there! It was Wednesday.

Wednesday is chop ’em up day.

Every Wednesday, Dr Sandroussi spends hour, after hour, poring over inert bodies stretched beneath him, cutting ripping and sowing, removing deadly cancers, extending lives, all the while teaching his devoted disciples the art, of  which he is master.

They hold him in awe!

Thursday was another hectic day. I’d changed my appointment to see Prof. Kilian to the afternoon. In the morning Dr. Ping Nee rang me to say that she’d spoken to Charbel, (I’m going to have to speak to her about that) and that he wanted to see me, and I was to ring Irene, his receptionist/secretary and make an appointment.

Naturally I did as I was told, and rang her, she was unavailable, I spoke to another lass, made an appointment for me to see God, at 15.00 hrs (3.00 pm PT) on Thursday 8th June. All that was left now was my meeting with the Professor at 14.00 hrs.

Kerry and Coco planned on taking me, normally we’d have left Coco at home, so that she could come into the surgeons rooms for a sticky beak, but as I told you, she doesn’t like Prof. Kilian so we took Coco along to keep her company whilst waiting for me.

We were lucky, we got a parking spot, very close to the ‘Centre’, so instead of  going to the park, like she did the day before, she decided to wait and we’d all go, when I came out.

I was in good time, ten minutes early, and I was informed that the Prof. wouldn’t be long, a few minutes before time he came got my file, and went back to the inner sanctum, his usual practice.  But it was five minutes past the hour when he called me in. Most unusual!

The grilling as to how I was feeling, how I’d been since our last consultation followed,  I told him about the current problem, and how Dr Ping Nee had been in touch with Dr. Sandroussi. So more grilling. Then, strip down, on the bed/gurney/couch or whatever the thing is we hop up on is called.

Blood pressure. Up! Have you been taking the Micardis? No! Why? Dr Francis said my BP was good and to stop taking the stuff! Okay I’m going to take an ECG. No messing about with this bloke. 😀

Right put your cloths back on, take a seat.

“You’ve got problems with the valves, and we are going to have to operate to fix them” “No way” says me “I’ve had enough operations to last me a lifetime”. “Well theres no way you can have an operation for cancer, with your heart in it’s present state”. ” No worries” says me “I’ve already told Dr Ping Nee that if I do have cancer , that’s it, I’m letting nature take it’s course”. 

Okay says the Prof. but I want to see you again in 3 months, normally I see him once a year, it appears that he’s more concerned about me than I am. 

They’re great doctors and surgeons at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

My troubles didn’t end there. This morning at some ridiculous hour, (before 09.00) the phone rang, and as Kerry was not home, I thought that perhaps I’d better answer the damned thing, in case it was she with orders that I need obey. Lucky for me that it wasn’t!

It was Irene, (those following this drama will recall that Irene is Gods secretary receptionist) to tell me that Dr Sandroussi wished to see me sooner than the 8th June, could I come in next Monday. “Sorry” says I,  “I can’t make Monday”. Finally we settled on Thursday week, the 25th May. 

Does anyone think that maybe these men are preparing to sharpen their knives? 😈


32 thoughts on “This is getting tedious! :(

  1. Hi Bro, You have to do what is best for you. You made a very good recovery from the last sharpening of the knives, trust God he’ll tell you the truth. Cheers, Carole


    1. I trust we’re referring to the same god, Dr Sandroussi?
      I’ve had enough of knives being opened up and closed up has lost it’s novelty and charm I’m the record holder for our branch of the family and I don’t want to make it too hard for you to be the winner 😈


  2. Sounds like they’re ganging up on you. Not fair!

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  3. In this part of the world, any medical bloke or bloke-ess who sees one at the appointed hour would be a miracle of biblical proportions.
    Never much fun knowing nasty things inside are plotting to kill one. Here, of course, one finds nasty things outside are plotting to kill one, whether by armed robbery or lunacy behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, but I suppose it isn’t quite the same thing.
    You have my profound sympathy, anyway.


  4. Well if it is a case of The Long Knives, you know that the good doctor is precise, and to be paid the Good Doctor will ensure a successful outcome.
    Joshing aside, you are back on St Brendan’s Prayers for the Sick List.
    So with the best of doctors attending you, and your name being invoked at St Brendan’s, and all your mates willing you to good health, and Coco sniffing and licking your paw, it is a most surely will be a good outcome.
    Thinking of you and wishing you healthy,


    1. Now I’m really in trouble! 👿

      Thanks Ira, I’m feeling fine no worries. 😀


  5. Good heavens Leslie, I never look for or want that, just an update on what my docs are up to, and I didn’t have anything of interest to write about.
    In my 83rd year I’m just surprised when I wake in the morning,
    As for the docs keeping their appointments, I’m just lucky, believe me most are like your lot 😀

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  6. Brian,
    it is your decision what you do and I support you in that 100%, but I’d listen to them and see what they have to say, then make up your mind. The surgery and treatment may not be as drastic as you think. I know you are a bit of an athiest, but Ira has booked you in for prayers from the congregation of St Brendan’s and a mention in Sunday’s Rosary, to guide you in making your decision. We better have our pilgrimage to the Old Vic for that beer.

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    1. A BIT OF AN ATHEIST? Really Neill you’ll be getting me a bad name amongst my followers writing such stuff. 👿
      I can’t make the Vic tomorrow, mothers day and the War Office and Emma, the mothers are being taken out, wined and dined and I’ll have the pleasure of being the dog Butch & Coco minder! 😀
      Tomorrow week at the Vic sounds good to me, usual time okay?

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  7. Yes, listen to Neill about waiting to make up your mind, m’lord.


  8. I wish you well, Brian

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  9. It’s hard to get off the merry-go-round isn’t it? The doctors will keep suggesting treatments as long as they assess you have the stamina to go through with it. My auntie was in her early 90s when she told one specialist they should just stop prodding and poking old women and let them be. She got another four years after she said that. As others have said, it’s your decision. I’m sure you will come to the one that works for you and your family after hearing the doctors’ pitch. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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    1. Thanks Gwen, you have my sentiments entirely.

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  10. In the last few weeks I have met with and drunk coffee with two of my bloggees.This community is more than just a casual time waster – for some of us it is a quite important part of our real world. This idea of yours to’let nature take its course’ is valid and understandable. On the other hand I think we would all be furious if our doctor said to us that he’d done enough and your old enough so on y’ bike son You’re on your own.
    The last thing any of us would like would be to notice, after a while, that “LordBeariofBow” was no longer posting a dollop of codswallop served with a pinch of salt.

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    1. My doctors are all the epitome of the medical profession, they have all come to me about my problems rather than me going to them, they summon me and I go. I do believe they are the only people who bother calling me on the phone, my family don’t, they are fed up with my saying “WHAT SPEAK UP” 👿
      I’ve been extraordinarily fortunate in having doctors that care eve r since I arrived in NSW.

      My first doctor here was a wonderful man, the care and the way he picked my daughter Emma up, drove her to hospital, operated, and saved her life 30 years ago, is unforgettable. Yet he died young, prostate cancer killed him, yet I survived. Doesn’t make sense really.

      Seems odd at times but I’m forever grateful, you might have noticed how I always speak of them with reverence.
      and thats not a dollop of codswallop 😀

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  11. I’m not sure how they do things “down there” but It’s been my experience nothing good ever comes out of using a dull knife — unless one is spreading vegemite; then, a dull knife is perfectly fine — so I say “good!” . . . sharp knives work a lot better and leave smaller scars.

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    1. Not being adept at spreading vegemite I’ll have to take your word for it, as I do in all things spam.
      If you’d like some scars I have plenty to spare what type would you prefer?


      1. Emotional; them be the only kind I don’t have.

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  12. I’d say “Go with your gut,” but that might sound irreverent, all things considered….It’s tough to know when enough is enough, and even tougher to get the god-docs to talk about what they can’t do and about what they worry about regarding your innards. It’s also tough but not impossible to know what you’re willing to live with, given what you want in the last years of life on this good earth (Pearl Buck-style good earth, that is!).

    On the whole, listening to your docs is always good; listening to your heart and body is even more important when it comes to big decisions. You’ve got great social skills when it comes to being bluntly honest–which is in your favor, no matter what you decided (whether they like it or not). Can’t believe I just said that….! 🙂

    I think it’s just dandy that you’re on the St. Brendan’s prayer list! Serves you right….:)

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    1. I have all my bases covered Louise 👿
      Ira is the niece of a Polish Saint, so I’m doubly cursed 😈 🙂 😦

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      1. Excellent! 😀


        1. Don’t know about it being excellent, only that it’s true 👿


  13. I think your doctors like you, and it sounds like everyone else does too! I wish you well with whichever path you choose.


    1. Thank you Sue, if you’d like to see more about my docs and nurses if you put the 2 subjects in the search box you’ll see some pictures of God

      Ward 9 West 2 RPAH
      That year went quickly!
      I’m very fond of my doctors too 🙂

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  14. Just realised your post was from last year! So, the Gods really were on your side!


    1. Yes indeed, thanks for dropping by Sue 🙂 and heres the special 🐻 i

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        1. I’ve some very special feelings for some very extraordinary people you might like to read these 2, they’re not that long and I ramble a bit but harmless enough 🙂 🐻
          Two very,very special women
          Why all the fuss?

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