New Years Eve at the known centre of the Universe

For those of you, who may have missed the Sydney homage to the ‘New Year’, as I have always managed to do, here’s a link to the firework display, which, although extraordinary, is an utter waste of money.

Up in smoke I think is the expression.

ย But the people enjoy it!



29 thoughts on “New Years Eve at the known centre of the Universe

  1. Spectacular! Especially the finale with the waterfall effect. I’ve always thought the white stuff is prettier than any of the colors and have thought the best fireworks shows were the ones over water. And while after all these years we tend to be bored by it all, or worse, think of the kids still awed by such things. I wouldn’t take that away from them for anything.

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      1. There is an option on YouTube to change the speed at which the video plays. Picking “2” halves the time required to watch something and, in this case, left it as interesting if not more so.


        1. Trust you to find this option. I start the things, if they don’t grab my attention in the first 5 or 10 seconds, I close them off and don’t bother. Fireworks bore me, so I didn’t bother, just stuck it out there to annoy everybody ๐Ÿ‘ฟ


        2. The really interesting option is choosing slow motion (1/2, 1/4).

          Try it on this video . . . if, you know, it interests you. Half way through four of them are flying around and you can only see what’s happening if you slow it down. The option for speed is under the menu that pops up when you click on the sprocket symbol on the lower right, next to the CC symbol.


        3. That’s a video I shot with my phone. The feeder was one of eleven that I had up around the house. That one was hanging from our deck. I was no more than 12 inches away when I filmed that, leaning on the railing and holding the phone in front of me. The hummingbirds would occasionally hover between me and the phone.

          This next video is from another feeder and there are at one point seven hummingbirds trying to feed at it:

          This next video was shot in slow motion (the phone does a passable job of it) and you can slow it down even more with the YouTube controls:

          Finally, one of me holding my finger out and a hummingbird landing on it (at about the 1:30 mark). The other thing with this video is that you can see how they poke each other.


        4. I hate to say it, but you did a remarkably good job. I’d love to see these birds at work, but I don’t think we have them here.
          I think you would enjoy Currumbin up there in Queensland (beautiful one day; perfect the next) their slogan not mine. The wild life sanctuary there, is inundated with birds, mainly Rainbow Lorikeet’s I think, they come for a feed everyday by their hundreds, perhaps thousands, and you would certainly have fun photographing the feeding frenzy. this’ll give you some idea; I know you’d do a better job of filming this. No I’m not sucking up.


        5. The person is moving the camera around too much. It’s also recorded at a lower resolution.

          That said, interesting area. Don’t know about the feeding frenzy . . . reminds me a bit of Piazza San Marco or any of the many places around the world where you can get swarmed by pigeons if you hold out a bit of food.


        6. I take it you get some sort of kick out of putting me down, actually I was thinking about when I went there some 50 nearly 60 years ago before it became commercialized; it was a pretty wild and woolly affair back then. There was no enclosures just a park where the birds flocked and people started going there and feeding them as they were so friendly and it became an attraction.Naturally someone cashed in on it. I wasn’t smart enough to see the potential.


        7. I wasn’t aware I was putting you down. Is that your video? I though you grabbed it from somewhere on the Internet.

          Even so, the comments were not meant as putting anyone down, but as a helpful hint for would-be videographers . . . slow pans and no sudden changes in directions work best. I can’t watch jittery videos for the same reason I don’t like modern cinemas where the cameras are hand-held during action sequences (you can’t see what’s going on).

          That’s the same advice I got when I started out filming stuff. Actually, the best way is no movement, but sometimes you have to move the camera.

          If interested:

          The problem I have with swarming birds are the droppings. Also, birds carry parasites. I’m not sure I would want to have birds crawl all over me (not winged birds and not two-legged birds).

          One last word on putdowns . . . if I ever put you down in earnest, you will see the difference from our typical exchanges. For the record, I thought we “bantered”, usually for comedic or humorous effect. Sorry if you have been interpreting it as me putting you down. I’ll be more careful in the future as I have great respect for old folk.

          . . . you Brits! Talk a big game, but so thin-skinned . . .


        8. Stick out the other leg ej, I’ll pull that one too ๐Ÿ™‚
          My sardonic or is it caustic, it’s certainly not sarcastic English sense of humour coming through.
          I must admit that my skin is very thin now,I only have to knock something slightly to cause heavy bruising and or bleeding. The bleeding joy of old age, Would you believe that nigh on 2 weeks ago I hit my left arm on a door as I was passing through and it, my arm, split in two places and it’s only just starting to heal? Driving me up the wall. Its too thin for a doc to use sutures or whatever it is they call stitches these daysBy the way I did grab it from Google, I’m incapable of producing stuff even of that quailty.

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  2. Not peeking. We recorded it, and haven’t watched yet. I was too busy dancing – while I still can. I noticed I couldn’t lift my legs to kick in a Tarantella. Thank goodness there is an old tape of me being able to do it in 1981. Happy new year to you and yours xxxx

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    1. Thanks Gwen and to yours too, I didn’t watch this in full I find after the first burst it’s dreadfully tedious, never been much into fireworks since I gave up burning my Guy on the 5th November back in 1948/49

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      1. We still haven’t watched it! The grandkids are with us at the moment, but they already saw the TV version, so haven’t got around to it yet. When we lived in Pyrmont we were over-loaded.


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