It’s not Belinda’s fault

How this cheers my heart! 😀


I have a card in my desk that I will one day have framed and displayed. It was from one of my ex-principals on the occasion of his retirement. The staff had purchased a farewell gift and the card was an acknowledgement.
“We would like to say how delighted we were with the lovely gift you presented to Belinda and I at our farewell party last evening.”
Now the reason I want to have this card framed is not because of any heart strings it tugs – I never actually liked the man – but for the classic grammatical error that is made by someone who set himself up as a leading educationist.
The incorrect use of “I” instead of “me” is one that is heard everywhere and by those who should know better.
I am not sure when the great “Don’t use the word ‘me’ in that sentence. It is…

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4 thoughts on “It’s not Belinda’s fault

    1. I do think, somehow, that we are now the dwindling minority. It annoys me most, when I see so called’movie stars’ and their ilk getting it wrong, they are obviously trying to impress, and the only minds that they are impressing, are the young and innocent, who blindly follow their idols example; for how could the demigods of the silver screen be wrong?
      Thank you for visiting Lauren,and may I wish you all happiness in 2017.


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