The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

” ‘ello,’ello,’ello” I hear my reader/s say; “wots goin on ‘ere?”  “Resorting to using a worn out, tired old cliché like that, might be one of the greatest westerns of all time; but come on, really, using that?”

Yes indeed, 🙄

And why might said reader/s ask; and at this very moment I’m quite at a loss for an answer. But read on!

“The Good”

You may recall in a recent  post I told how I’d taken to eating Vegemite. I now have the pleasure of stating quite catagorically that I seem to have got/gotten over that phase and have come to my senses. I have not had a skerrick of that concoction for nigh on three or maybe four weeks, surely that is occasion for celebration; if not congratulations from one and all. Actually I’m not quite out of the woods yet, I’ve taken to eating peanut butter. Should this come under the heading “The Bad”; I’ll leave that for you all/y’all to decide. (please note how I include our American cousins in the presentation whereever possible.)

Some may know that I’ve been on the drug “Targin” since having my stomach removed back in June, well a couple of weeks back I decided I’d give it a go and stop taking this stuff.  Now I’m wondering why I’ve been taking it, there’s no pain there to stop! I do have this gnawing craving most of the time but it’s not exactly pain and it was there when I took the “Targin” I’ll have a chat with god about it if I remember.

On the subject of television I seem to have become more discerning and fastidious, I must admit I’m sick to death of seeing the property bros., the only thing the scriptwiters for this program have to do is change the names each episode; everything else stays the same.

I’ve watched a few delightful shows on one of the NatGeo channels, all about animals showing we humans how to live, and behave, also some Australian documentaries which are very good indeed.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve started enjoying my cuppa tea again, is that a sigh of relief from Merrill J. Fernando in Ceylon (Okay Sri Lanka)? I’ve been drinking plenty of iced tea so I’d recommend shares in Liptons if anybody is inclined that way.

I much prefer the Schnapple that I drank in New York, the stuff imported here labelled Schnapple is not in the same league as the NY product, even though it’s fully imported; perhaps it’s been rejected by the USA as not good enough for their market, so it’s been dumped on us. Michelle my dietician agrees with me on this matter so it must be true!

      O_o     o_O

I better get onto the next load of tosh, this is getting too long and out of hand.

“The Bad”

The time before last when I went to see God, he told me that the next time he saw me, he wanted my weight to be up to, and preferably over, 75 kg; well when I saw him last week I weighed in at a magnificent 66.7 kg for some reason  he seemed satisfied, he reckons I look pretty good and fit all things considered.

Now for a whinge about the TV, it goes from bad to worse, true there are a few interesting programs on, but this Foxtel mob play them over and over again, if your timings right you just might get a fresh program; don’t worry if you miss it though, as it’ll be repeated ad infinitum. And to think we pay good money for this “service”!

On this subject I’ll save the best ’til last.

Some weeks ago I was scrolling through the menu on the ‘Entertainment’ section and I saw this section labelled ‘A&E‘ there is no indication as to whatA&Estands for, so in my innocence I opened this section up. What a feast of great entertainment sprang up before my very eyes.

“Hardcore Pawn” followed by 3 or 4 episodes of “Pawn Stars” then some stuff about war in the store, aptly named “Storage Wars”  followed again by some BBQ shows from the US and Australia, too many programs of this genre to mention.

For the hell of it and showing distinct masochistic tendencies I watched a few episodes of the “HCP & PS”! I was left speechless. Do people in America really take motor cars/cycles to a pawn shop to sell? By the way these shows are all some years old it seems.

I’m not going to dwell on this any longer except to say that I worked out that theA&E‘stands for ” ‘A’rfwits & ‘E’lliterates”.

To top this off and finish this part of the ramble I must mention an obscene report in todays news. One rupert murdocks “News Australia Holdings”, reported Australian earnings for the year 2013-2014, of:-


and Tax Paid:


and thats damned “Ugly”!



“The Ugly”

Obviously this is a reference to me         😈

If you take a look in the right column of this post you’ll see there a widget(?) for the Sydney weather, which is pretty well right up to the minute, perhaps the last hour, after checking the weather if you look again this time above said widget(?) you will see a picture of me taken by my daughter Sarah in June 2008 as we were going around San Francisco  Bay on one of those sight seeing boat rides. Hence the wind blown hair.

 Update the picture has been changed to one taken in Dec 1988 when I was a young bloke of 50+

You might also get the impression from said pic that I was then quite a chubby little chappy; alas no more!

Since the removal of my stomach I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight. When that pic was taken I’d have been around the 85-86 kg mark, now I’m down around the 67-68 kg. and I now have plenty of empty skin, which if removed would probably put me down around 60 kg, I kid you not.

The other day when I was about to shave  my mind actually recorded what my eyes were seeing, nigh on frightened the living daylights out of me I promise. Looked a  bit like a living corpse so much so I was tempted to ring the ‘Gong uni and tell them to fill the tank up with formaldehyde or whatever it is they will immerse me in when I get there, as I was on my way!     ❓

True! I’m a “bagabones”. My chubby chops have gone replaced by nothing, hollow, the eyes sunk in amongst the bones/shull. I’ll wager the only reason my Coco recognizies me is by scent. I had to puff my chops out so that I could shave properly.

I doubt anybody’d know me now if they saw me they’d probably think I’m my father, or my mother if what Kerry tells  me, she says I’m the spit of my mother.

Which brings me to the heading for this post.





9 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

  1. Had to read this twice trying to make out what you were saying . . . I gather you like American TV and peanut butter and you don’t like mirrors.

    . . . sounds as if everything is alright with the world . . .


    1. I’m glad somebody could work it out, I’m buggered if I know what I was rambling on about.


    2. I have a facility with the language of rambling old folks. It’s a bit like listening to politicians . . . you read between the lines.


  2. I’ve heard nothing but terrible things about Vegemite, but peanut butter is an American staple. A great source of protein, and yummy too. I ate a lot of it when I was feeling puny over the summer.
    A&E stands for Arts & Entertainment, I think. But I like your interpretation better. If your TV offerings are anything like ours, there’s not much on there worth watching. I’m drifting more into movies and video games.
    Afraid I can’t identify with your shaving problems … 😉


    1. I promise you that what you have heard can not possibly describe the horrors of Vegemite. However it’s best not to let Australians know as they are all addicted to the stuff…… :mrgreen: I must admit that peanut butter is enjoyable, I prefer the crunchie but we only ever get the smooth for reasons unknown to me, and I eat so little that it’s a waste and shame to buy the crunchie just for me. O_o o_O

      I do believe that our own TV is better than your’s; we have our ABC which is an ad free corporatio much like the BBC in England, it is owned by the people(govt?). Naturally our present govt, a right wing liberal party similar in doctine to your GOP who are very anxious to sell it off to none other than that vile ex Australian now US Citizen rupert murdock and have appointed an ex murdock employee to run our ABC. We also get some fine programs from the BEEB

      My shaving problems are easily overcome I close my eyes and pray 🙄 😮


      1. LOL! It really is that bad, eh? Hard to imagine it’s still on the market. But I guess people can get used to almost anything. I agree with you about chunky peanut butter. I like it better than the smooth and almost always have it on hand. It doesn’t hurt that the dog will do most anything for a taste.

        After what you’ve been through, I guess the risk of a razor nick seems pretty laughable. Nothing like the Big C to put things in perspective.


  3. Brian,
    pleased to hear you are eating again. I wonder if those little Japanese food boxes would suit you. They have a variety of small fish, rice and vegetable rolls in them. When you get the hunger pains, you could consume one of these rolls, but you would need to like Japanese food; I don’t. As for the problem with beer: I find cider a good alternative on a hot summer’s day. When you go for your next weigh-in, put a little lead in each of your pockets.


    1. I can’t come at that Japanese food, and cider as never tickled my palate, last night I opened a bottle of bourbon and actually enjoyed a drink, it’s the only thing that has passed my lips that has retained it’s delightful taste.


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