23 thoughts on “Dusk meets Dawn

  1. Neill Francis 15/12/2015 — 07:45

    She looks a beautiful little baby Brian.


    1. lordbeariofbow.wordpress.com
      Thanks Neill, Glad you agree with the family which of course will always be prejudiced in that respect


    2. She certainly is Neill I’m glad you agree, we, the family tend to be a wee bit prejudiced in favour of our own 🙄


  2. Aww, she’s adorable! Looks big and healthy.

    Hey, Poppy, welcome to the world!


    1. She certainly is on both counts, thank you PT, 😀


  3. Irena Kowalski 15/12/2015 — 09:31

    Gorgeously Beautiful Baby. Congratulations, again. Very strong resemblance. Ira

    On 15 December 2015 at 07:34, LordBeariOfBow wrote:

    > LordBeariOfBow posted: “”


    1. A very subdued comment, are you unwell ej? I expected something a wee bit sardonic as is your want, and which causes some merriment normally ❓


    2. It’s a nice moment nicely captured . . . is that sardonic enough?


      1. It’s just that I’m unused to sweet compliments from you ej , It’s seems so unlike you ❗


      2. I don’t know what you mean. I am a very emphatic, caring, and all around gentle and sensitive individual. Ask anyone.


        1. I understand that ej. I’m just getting old and picky


        1. That’s more like it! 😀


  4. Looks like the little one brought you some youth back, Beari – you’re looking good with that sweetie!!


    1. Thanks gp, I must admit it’s a very good feeling and if it makes me look better, so much the better. 😀

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      1. Brian,
        as one of your namesakes once sang: “Look on the bright side of life”


        1. What do you thinks kept me going this long Neill? Trouble is I can’t recall who the namesake is O_o o_O


  5. What a couple of photos of such a lot of contrasts. It makes an old man feel all sort of funny inside.


    1. Nigh on 81 years the difference, when I was born in London way back when peoples thoughts were undoubtedly turning to war clouds. I can’t help feeling at times that we are not leaving this world in a good state for the Poppy Mays. Makes me feel sad inside.


      1. Well I’ve got a three year old Ida May and I wonder the same as you.


        1. I have three grandchildren from my first marriage all in their 20’s and I don’t believe that the future is too rosy for them either.


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