Bush fire season…..

…and with a vengance


Another season of bushfires is with us, so far in the beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia 26 homes have been destroyed, and many more are being threatened; the number is expected to rise. There are no fatalities so far and lets hope it stays that way.

The poor old koalas have a hard time, they’re not as fleet as the ‘roos and they can’t burrow like the wombats and they’re just stuck in the trees fearful of the raging flames, those that do get clear are in need of a drink;

Did this little fellow survive? Who knows, the firefighter in all probability had to leave him to get back to the task at hand, fighting the fire. Many, many Koalas die each year in South Australian bushfires and there’s precious little can be done to save them.

Melbourne and Victoria are bracing too for expected fires, so far all fires have been contained but conditions are not getting any better and thoughts of the disastrous 2009 February fires which claimed 173 lives are uppermost in many peoples minds..

Are we in for a long hot devasting summer again? Indications are that we are; and now we have to start worrying about those maniacs who like to start the fires without thought for the havoc, death and destruction that they cause.

Somehow I’m not looking forward to the next two or three months.




8 thoughts on “Bush fire season…..

  1. Stay safe,
    Love ya


    1. I’m in no danger from bushfires here where I live Lisa the nearest bust to me is more than 50 kms away up in the Blue Mountains which are very susceptible to bushfires and they are the hardest to control and fight, so far this summer we’ve been lucky how long our luck will last is anybody’s guess


  2. Those poor koalas. Is there nothing that can be done to help them?


    1. Not much gp they’re usually high in their tree and are loathe to come down until it’s to late,they are specialized eaters and only eat a cetain type of gum leaf which supplies them with all their nutrients and fluids so they are not usually in readily accessible places. they’re not the smartest of animals they are rather sweet creatures though, although are inclined to scratch you and pee all over you when being held.

      ( about time I asked what the gp stands for be; nice to address you by name so long as you’re happy divulging it on the ‘net; cheers Brian aka Beari)


      1. Being as I am in the background on my site, remaining some anonymous narrator of sorts, I prefer remaining GP. But, I do hope that doesn’t interfere with any idle chit-chat, eh Brian?


        1. No worries GP so long as you’re happy and don’t think I’m being rude or ignorant; I actually prefer my nick beari, never could stand my first name and the second one’s only slightly better. So GP it is 😀

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  3. You understand that “Liking” this does not mean liking this …


    1. Yes of course PT, nobody does like bushfres although they are a way of life here! It’s many many years since I helped fight the fires, but an experience that tends to stay with you. The fires these days seem to be so much bigger than what they were when I went out to help, perhaps they just seem biggger now.


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