A Silly Post In the Silly Season!

Time wasting or time filling? You be the judge!

I suppose most of us have played a card game or two whilst filling in time on our computers; and I kind of become addicted to one game, “Free Cell” (I’m likely to finish up in the insane cell) I decided to fill in my time playing this game until such time as I lost, on New Years Day I reached the nice round total of 5000 games unbeaten.


And here’s the proof! Now I suppose I had better try and double that, unless someone can tell me how to waste my time more productively!                          o_O   O_oTheBest

16 thoughts on “A Silly Post In the Silly Season!

  1. I was going to say something about the amount of time spent on this game … and then I remembered I too put in a huge amount of time on games, just different ones.


    1. I just play this game when I need a break from doing things that are necessary, that’s taken me many months to achieve, I spend perhaps a couple of hours or so every week, I suppose it is possible to lose but I hate the thought of doing so deliberately just so that I can stop playing this silly game, which must make me some sort of supreme idiot =! :/


        1. Actually I don’t like it PT that’s the prolem; I’m kind of addicted to the damned game and want to lose but will not do it deliberatly as I consider doing that would be cheating, and deliberately cheating to lose is just as bad as deliberately cheating to win in my book. :\


        2. I get addicted to games I like and really want to win. Or just because I enjoy playing them. I can’t imagine being addicted to one I didn’t like unless maybe I’d been unable to win but was coming temptingly close with each attempt.


    1. Is that the year or number of games you’ve played GP, I played that silly game too a couple of times but I find the grapics somewhat depressing after a few minutes.
      And I’m one of those odd balls that like spiders, except for Red Backs and Black Widows which I’ll steer clear of; they’re deadly! 🙄

      Thanks for dropping by GP. 🙂


        1. Never toold gp, nothing wrong with a bit of chit-chat and friendly banter, which seems to be a dying art thesedays, people are inclined to take everything too seriously and then turn around and sue you for liable slander or anything else that comes to mind!
          Me? I’m glad I’m old 😛


        2. The only thing I don’t like about being an octogenerian is the aches and pains, being deaf and not having that much time left other than that I’m fine with it lol 😀


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