Mona Vale Library

At my age I suppose it’s pointless buying books as I once did; and now I’m living in the Pittwater area I’ve joined the Mona Vale Library. Now though I find that the books I borrow are what a few years back I would have called;, in all sincerity I might add, rubbish! Light thriller works, for whatever they are they are the result of toil by the author.

Yesterday I read a Jack Reacher thriller, a complete load of codswallop, but fast, furious and totally illogical yet fun in a way. The Jack Reacher series was recommended to me by an old chum a few years back and I do pick one up now and then from the library (I have a card for the Manly Library too) for they are quite relaxing and not thought provoking in anyway; too they leave no lasting impression so that if you pick it up at the library a few weeks or months later you you’ll read it through again without to much trouble.

This series is written by an ex-pat Englishman, Lee Child, now residing in New York and making a fortune with this series just churning them out like sausages.

I also picked up two by John Sandford, I may well have read them before  they too are light and easy to read. Perhaps slightly better than Lee Child’s books they are not what you would call mind blowing either, good honest yarns, with characters more believable than Jack Reacher,

Mr. Sandford has more than one hero, his number one is probably a Lucas Davenport, who is the foulmouthed head of the fictitious Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (although with a name like that it could be real) in Minnesota/St Paul; the Twin Cities. A ruthless law enforcement officer who prefers his own transport. A Porsche 911.

Number two hero is one Virgil Flowers and no I will not say it! A laid back investigator who rarely totes a sidearm and usually tows his boat behind him wherever he goes if he thinks he can get away with it. I rather like Virgil and no I won’t say it!

Over the next few days I shall read these two Sandford books and I may and then again I may not comment on them.

All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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