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I have to take ‘Notes’.There is no way I can avoid it! I shall have to buy a ‘Note Book’ and takes ‘Notes‘ How and why this calamitous event will take place will now unfold.

You met Coco in a previous post, he is an absolute delight, and very gentle loving dog, however his manners need addressing, consequently I have enrolled him in a course at an exclusive “Puppy & Dog” training school.  There is a maximum of 8 dogs in each class, and if that’s not exclusive, then I don’t know what is!

The first class he will not attend, that is for those appointed to do his bidding; in this case the War Office and me. This meeting is scheduled for 6.30 pm Monday 2nd April, and as I lost the toss; (the WO used her double headed penny, and I was required to call ‘Tails”), it falls upon me to attend, and I have to take Notes‘ of the whole proceedings for her benefit, and quiet frankly, I have no idea how to go about it; I am at a complete loss.

She, the WO suggested I use shorthand; I had mentioned some years ago, that I had learned Pitman’s shorthand, whilst at school. In 1947/48 some bright spark in the Essex education system, came up with the brilliant idea, that it would be a good thing for all students in Essex, to learn shorthand so that when they went on to tertiary education, they would be ideally equipped, to take the voluminous notes which would be required.

So naturally I learned shorthand, which I recall enjoying at the time, but as my mother decided I would be more useful in the workforce, than at university, it was of little help and I let it slide.

Now some 64 years later, the War Office suggests I start using it again. All I can recall is the pee bee chay jay kay gay eff vee ish & and the “Pa may we all go to & this pen is not much good” bits, therefore I shall be taking Notes’ in longhand for her.

I did suggest that she might like to go and take the Notes’ and after receiving a scathing, withering, look I decided that it may be best all round if I go, so in less than two weeks I shall be doing what I least love; take Notes’

9 thoughts on “Notes (2)

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    and here’s the second


  2. Shorthand — I know absolutely nothing about it.

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    1. I can still recall and do a few of the characters and remember most of the phonetic alphabet used, not to be confused with the International one now in use, which I know completely


  3. Irena Kowalski 15/05/2019 — 07:36

    I, too, had to learn shorthand, and the enterprising teacher had us reading pages from Alice in Wonderland. Yes, written in shorthand, as was the bible. For some reason the teacher, a nun, preferred the Alice book. It is on line:


    1. My God there’s 159 pages of it; the writing is similar to Pitmans which is what I was taught, I also went to a night school at that time to learn to type, I though that if I was going to do one might just as well do the other, Wish I’d have kept up and practised my typing now. I’d be the worlds greatest blogger 😛


  4. HA! This made me snort-laugh!!! 😀
    That is true love…to bite the bullet and go and take the notes! 😉
    I, too, learned shorthand in school…they taught us the Gregg shorthand method. I did well, but now-a-days, I don’t remember anything but a few of the letters.
    If WordPress would let me I’d write HUGS in shorthand. Ha! But who wants shorthanded hugs?!?! 😀
    HUGS!!! 😀 😈 o_O :mrgreen: 🐻

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    1. My friend Ira, a lovely lady,You may have seen her comments on my posts from time to time commented on this post and she too did Greggs and she included a link which is quite amazing, Alice in Wonderland written in Gregg shorthand, that might tickle you fancy. scroll up or down and finr the comment from Ira and enjoy the experience 🙈 🐶 🙊

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      1. Okie doke! Thank you! 🙂

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