A conspiracy I tell you! A blasted conspiracy!

It’s a bit late now but I suppose I’d better tell what happened when I went to see Doc. Francis last Friday.

At the appointed time, he appeared, didn’t look at me, and called some other bloke in to his surgery/rooms. A short time later, same thing. didn’t look at me, called some other bloke in.

“ello! ‘hello! thinks me, I’m in more strife than Ned Kelly, should I make a bolt for it; or should I stay? Coward that I am, I stayed, cos that’s what real cowards do!

DR Francis
Dr Francis

Second bloke came out, alone; followed a short time later by doctor who? Francis of course! He beckoned me, big grin all over his face, hand extended.

Now the big grin was normal, the extended hand wasn’t. We don’t normally shake hands when we meet! These were exceptional circumstances. I gave a big grin back, shook hands, and entered his rooms.

I nearly said that old inner sanctum bit, but thought better of it!

Dr Ping Nee
DR Ping NeeLee

His opening gambit; ”  Ping Nee dobbed you in!”; “I figured”  says me. “Why” says he; “Cos I’m not going to worry about any more operations for cancer, I’m letting nature take its course” or pretty well words to that effect! “you mightn’t have cancer” says he; “Prof Kilian, thinks there could be a leak from the heart”.

“Fine” says me,” but I’m not having anymore operations for cancer, and walking around with bags strapped to my legs, and having to empty them; thank you very much!”


“Ping Nee rang Dr  Sandroussi”, “I know” says me, “God only does upper gastrointestinal” ; “Yes but he’s going to make an exception in your case” says Doc Francis “you’re his favourite patient”. “You’re just trying to get at me; make me feel bad” ” No I’m not, just trying to  let you know there are people who care!”!

And so it went on. Finally, I gave in and agreed that I’d ring Dr Sandroussi’s rooms, and make another appointment to see God. I also promised to ring and let Dr Francis know for when.

A total capitulation? No way! I made it abundantly  clear, there was to be no more cut and paste!

End of story?


Today; one week on.

The phone rang; I wasn’t doing much, checking email, making comments on posts that I follow, the usual rubbish and yes the phone rang! Nothing unusual? Well for me it is; nobody bothers ringing me now, why would they? I wouldn’t!

”Eh”  What”! Speak Up I can’t hear you! Why would anyone bother? I wouldn’t!

So being a nice sort of bloke I decided I’d answer the thing.

“Yes” says I, my usual grumpy response when answering the phone, ” Hello Brian it’s Susan! ” not being completely ‘with it’ “Susan?” says I, “yes Susan from the RPA”


Bingo;  the penny dropped, and I was all smiles, for half hour or more we spoke, of course, being smarter than me, she managed to switch the conversation around to my health, and well being, and my up and coming appointment with God, that she didn’t know about.

Of course she will be there when I see God, I wouldn’t want it any other way, I have nothing but love for this woman, I just wish she wasn’t so devious! She can twist me without batting an eyelid!

I am indeed a fortunate fellow. Who else can boast such genuine care and devotion to ones well being? How can I not go along with the tests?

There is no way will I submit to any operation for cancer; should an operation by Prof. Kilian be an option to fix the ticker, then I will probably go for it. but cancer?

No way José 😀

 Is there not a conspiracy?










22 thoughts on “A conspiracy I tell you! A blasted conspiracy!

  1. Yep, the ol’ ticker is pretty important. Best do what the doctor says is needed. Whatever that turns out to be.

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    1. I agree there PT, and am not against fixing the thing, if it needs it, but as for the other, my minds firmly set! 😀


  2. Hi, Lord Beari!
    It’s morning here. Well, I may not be too witty or playful. I am concerned. I know you will update everyone, but I dislike and distrust doctors, and I am concerned.

    You are NOT a “grumpy old man.” You are witty and funny and warm and welcoming–not to mention a good cook! So you are all right in my book.

    Keep your head down, play it cool, do your thing, and all that jazz. Until next time…

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    1. If you had the doctors that I have Pamela, you’d feel different entirely.

      Might I suggest you read Neill’s comment below. he too has the best of doctors and the best of care. We live in Sydney and we have socialized medicare that works.

      I have posted a few rambles on the Australian Health Care System.You may find them interesting.

      I’m very fond of, and trust my docs, completely & utterly 😀

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      1. That’s what matters then. I’m on my own here in yank-land, and I’ve seen bad docs do very bad things to family members as well as myself.

        I’m just glad you’re in good hands.

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        1. For reasons best known to the inhabitants of Australia; Australia is generally referred to as “The Lucky Country”.
          Probably has something to do with being settled by convicts, as against the US being settled by religious outcasts, whatever; and now religion, and all the half baked religious groups, just about controls the US, whereas, a closeness and dependence on each other is the Australian way.

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        2. Absolutely-bloody-lutely. Puritans still. I think we can blame Henry VIII for seeding that movement, but I shan’t start a discussion of that here and now.

          Odd though. I was just thinking about this in the last 24 hours–the beginning of Australia vs US and the huge differences.

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  3. You just might have to give in on this one, Beari. But good luck with the tests!!

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    1. On the “Ticker” I will do as I’m told; but as for the other thing my minds made up GP. Thanks for the good wishes GP 🙂

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  4. Good for you Brian, stick to your guns. I think you have made all the right decisions, Yes, aren’t you fortunate to have such attentive health carers. Aren’t all Australians fortunate to have Medicare.
    I see the POTUS has decided to take the United States back to a 19th century coal-based economy. I think we will have to look to Beijing, Berlin and Paris for any world leadership on climate change. For the moment Washington is off stage left (or should that be right?).

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    1. You wont get any argument from me there Neill, I don’t know why the Vatican hasn’t sainted “Gough the Great” he’d have loved the irony of that 👿

      You might like to make a comment on Pamela’s comment up above Neill,

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      1. Brian,
        I have had many friends through life who, like Pamela, have been deeply mistrustful of doctors. Many people put their trust in alternative medicine. Doctors, or a doctor, must have let them, or a member of their family, down at sometime.
        According to this report Gough might well be on his way:
        The Pope has sent a special message of condolence to the family of Gough Whitlam, which was read at a memorial mass in Rome to honour the former prime minister.


        The mass, held on Monday evening at the chapel in Domus Australia in Rome, was celebrated by former Australian archbishop, now the Vatican’s financial tsar, Cardinal George Pell.

        He was also a great friend to Catholics, establishing state aid for Catholic schools, an indispensable policy that ended 90 years of resentment and for which the Catholic church is still grateful.

        Mr Whitlam, as prime minister and foreign minister, began diplomatic relations between Australia and the Vatican.

        The current Pope Francis sent a message of condolence to the Whitlam family which was read out at the mass.

        “His Holiness Pope Francis was saddened to learn of the death of your father,” the letter from Vatican secretary of state Cardinal Pietro Parolin said. “He sends prayerful condolences to your family … and to all who mourn his passing.

        “His Holiness recalls with gratitude your father’s many years of service … The Holy Father has prayed for your father’s eternal repose.”

        The mass also heard Mr Whitlam’s last letter to a Pope – then Pope Benedict XVI in October 2012.

        “The mutual hopes for closer relations between the Holy See and Australia have been fulfilled in abundance,” Mr Whitlam wrote. “I shall always have fond memories of visiting Pope Paul VI and of the great enchantment of Rome, the Eternal City.”

        “I’ve got bigger news for them, my funeral will be bigger than Cleopatra’s entry into Rome.”

        Gough Whitlam

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  5. If the Holy Trinity wish to look after you, have faith.

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  6. I trust you mean MY three, Ira, I have faith in them 😈

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  7. Well, well. Wouldn’t it be a larf if they just put some superglue or something in here and there, and you start training for the next marathon run?

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    1. What a novel idea. perhaps you can include it in your next one, novel that is 😀


  8. I have to say I am with you entirely, MeLud

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    1. Thanks Derrick, that now means there are two wise men that agree with me, I haven’t heard from disperser yet but he will probably make up the third of theset! 😀

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  9. . . . I’m still marveling at the thought you might have a heart . . . are they planning on removing that as well?

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  10. Seems I made a mistake, you’re not one of those wise men I mentioned to Derrick; but to answer your question; they probably will if they can find one,

    There’s not much left so that might as well finish the job properly

    Now who can the Third Man b? Not Orson Welles, he’s dead.

    I am confused!


  11. I think you got their attention AND their collective good will! Yes to this, no to that, and who knows–you might live to be 100 and actually like it. In your own way, of course. 🙂

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  12. I might like, and even enjoy it, but I doubt that those around me will/would. :twisted” 🐻


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