16 thoughts on “What I do when I’m bored

  1. Maybe it’s time to start playing a different game?


    1. I thought I’d keep going until such time as I lost, surely they’re not all solvable


      1. Do you know just how many different variables there are?


        1. No I wouldn’t have a clue gp 🙂


  2. Here’s one a tad more challenging:

    Something to mindlessly pass the time:

    Something interesting and amusing to read and watch:


    1. How much time do you think I’ve got left egad? 😀


        1. Are you running a book on it ej? What odds, I might have a buck or 2 on me 😛


      1. Really not much of a gambler.

        Why, what odds are you offering up?


      2. That does not seem like anything I want to bet on. Besides, I would bet on success and longevity . . . what are you betting on?


        1. I’ll have an each way bet


  3. Also, aren’t there settings for difficulty?


    1. How would I know? I just open the thing and go……. ❓


      1. Well, if there is a menu, you could click on it and see if there is something like “settings”.


        1. only the one level for this game ej, I kind of like the ‘Silk” thing might waste some time there


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