The lunacy of the USA electoral system

With the US election for a new president underway and a few billion dollars wasted and poured down the drain before said election on the 1st or will it be the 8th November 2016, I have an idea that there is some ancient reason for it to be held on the 8th next time around, farmers getting crops in and having trouble travelling to the polling sites in time or some such reason, anyway I thought I’d give this little rant an airing now just in case I wont be around to see a woman try to take “The White House”.

The lunacy of the USA electoral system.

4 thoughts on “The lunacy of the USA electoral system

  1. The first Tuesday after the first Monday of November. Next year, the 8th.

    It may very well be the first election I will not vote in (since I’ve become eligible to vote) . . . we’ll see.


    1. I had an idea that it was the 8th.Has something to do with the difficulty country people had in the 19th century of making the polls, I must be getting old ej I just can’t recall exactly. I’ve always enjoyed the US elections.
      If you don’t get out to vote you can’t complain about anything the govt or POTUS does from Jan 21st 2017 to 21st Jan 2021.


      1. It’s a little confusing and I bet most people think “first Tuesday in November” and it usually is . . . unless November 1 is a Tuesday.

        As for the history of why:

        Finally, you are wrong; I still have the right to complain.

        For instance, I may not have been the one to shit, but I do have the right to complain about the smell.

        Besides, if you consider that our current POTUS (just like our previous POTUS, and every POTUS I can remember) never does what they promise they were going to do, whether I vote or not does not matter relative to my right to complain.

        That’s easily proven by the fact that whether or not someone voted for the current POTUS, they can still complain about what POTUS does.

        If anything, the argument is stronger the other way: not having voted for someone gives me more of a right to complain about them than if I had helped elect them into office. In the latter case, I have no one but myself to blame.


        1. And now I’m completely confused thank you very much, 😀
          Thanks for clearing it up and refreshing my memory regarding the election day, it sounds a it confusing to an outsider but when the original reasons are known it makes sense and it’s good (well in my opinion) to have that type of tradition to keep alive. I really am old! 😦


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