Made it!

17th April 1935 – 17th April 2015.

There have been times when I thought I’d never make it, in twenty O five when I was diagnosed as having prostate cancer, and told that without an operation I had one perhaps two years left and then being told that it was to aggressive and was inoperable. Then thrown a lifeline with a relatively new procedure  (in Australia at any rate) and the doc who would carry out this procedure guaranteed me an extra 6 to 8 years.

Well that guarantee expired last June; and I’m still here.

Then in twenty eleven I had a small stroke, but a stroke nevertheless, and the good doctor who decided to operate on my carotid arteries told me that there was a one in ten chance that I might not survive the operations; (there were to be two of them), due to various factors, anyway as you can tell, survive I did and in October 2014 Doctor Adams gave me the all clear and said that I was good to go to 150 years of age and he didn’t need to see me again; which is a shame, we got on really well, our consultations consisted of 10%  medical talk and 90% chatting about books, authors and history, I miss the visits.

Now as we know I’ve been diagnosed with cancer once again, I have an excellent doctor/ general practitioner who has pushed me along to top specialists.

I’ll report the progress through the other blog because today is a day of celebration for me at least. I am the first member from my father and mothers lines to actually complete 80 years, as I said in the beginning of this ramble there have been times when I thought I’d never make it.

Well here I am           🙄

18 thoughts on “Made it!

  1. Well done! I’m glad you’re still here, and hope to see you for the forsee-able future. 🙂


    1. Thank you Lauren I’m feeling quietly confident so much so that I sent off a three year subscription for my membership of my political party, either that or I’ve become senile O_o

      Thanks again Brian 🙂


      1. Hmm . . . based on what I know of your political affiliation, I’d say senility is firmly entrenched.


        1. Wisdom comes with age ej, I was like you; a right wing nut case (capital punishment- how I’d love to have been the new Albert Pierrepoint , social services, unemployment benefits? Heaven forbid), ’til I was perhaps 40 then I saw things as I do now so theres hope for you yet! Truth is ’til I met my wife I didn’t really give a damn about anybody but myself, bugger the down and out. The Aries credo “Me first” I lived by it!

          Now I’m a socialist which sits better with my atheism 😛 🙄

          Good to have you back egad 😀


        2. Right wing nut case? That’s how you see me?

          I should have you argue with them who see me as a socialist leftist pig.

          I find it interesting how people adopt a particular viewpoint part and parcel. It seems highly unlikely that EVERYTHING any one party stands for is absolutely good even as they argue EVERYTHING the other party(ies) stand for is absolutely bad.

          I see very bad ideas mixed with very good ideas in both the right and left. Not that any of them would ever admit to “the other side” having any good ideas.

          Capital punishment; conditionally ‘yes’.
          Social programs; conditionally ‘yes’.
          Limit the power of government, corporations, etc.; yes.
          Equal opportunity for all; conditional ‘yes’.
          Accountability for one’s actions; yes.
          Me first? Never, especially not at the expense of others.
          Atheist? Since a very early age.
          Opinionated? Always.
          Open to changing my mind? Conditional ‘always’.

          For that last one, one better bring lots of numbers, a deep knowledge of history, an understanding of human nature, and an awareness of the pitfalls and ways to avoiding them. It’s never enough to “wish” for things to be otherwise.


        3. How come I missed this one? No I don’t see you as a right wing nut case; you may be a nut case but there’s nothing wrong in that, I’ve been considered one since christ knows when, not particularly interested in numbers they can be manipulated to produce answers with which I might not agree as for history though that’s another thing, I’m with you there chum!

          Don’t right wing nut cases of the GOP & Tea Party believe that god is an American and runs about everything that makes them more money? And bugger the rest! 😛 I reckon if the truth was known deep down you’re a silent leftie 🙂


        4. I will continue to dodge labels thrown at me. Lefty, righty, Repumocrat, Demoblican, you name it, and I will swat it away with disdain and an air of arrogant superiority.

          The fact some of my views may occasionally coincide with views held by them with deeply entrenched ideological beliefs is only that: a coincidence.

          Were I to be described as anything, it would be anti-authoritarian, against special treatments, against privilege, against favoritism, nepotisms, and other other isms of the same ilk. Also, armed.

          However, I tire of arguing with people who see me either as their ally or their foe. Bring up an issue and we’ll discuss it . . . it’s the best way to find out where I stand (usually, with my back to the wall.)

          However, not this year . . . perhaps some other year.


        5. hope I’m around to see it when you do make up your mind 😉


      2. I should also mention . . . I know a lot of old people with less wisdom than a doorknob.

        Wisdom comes from experiencing life’s hardships and joys, exposure to diverse ideas, a capacity to reason, a capacity for empathy, and the study of history. That coupled with a questioning attitude and a willingness to challenge one’s own most sacred cows.

        But then, you know this.


        1. Naturally 😀 Looks like you’re getting there ej 😈

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I’m waiting at the finish line . . . hopefully everyone will eventually cross it.


        3. Only at the finishing line? Hell I’m in the clubhouse enjoying a whiskey, nice and quiet in here not too many LCP & GOP people here to annoy me 😛 😀
          Now for a rousing chorus of “Comrades” (pity I never learned the words.)


  2. I for one never doubted you would still be here. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your family.
    Love ya


    1. Thank you Lisa it was a very pleasant day and I believe I behaved myself for a change 😀


  3. John Pennington 17/04/2015 — 11:00



  4. That sharp wit brought you through, Beari and I know you’ll make again!


    1. Don’t know about the sharp wit gp I do know there’s a doc sharpening his knives getting ready to hack into my carcass, I think I saw the bloodlust in his eyes when I saw him on THursday. I’ll keep you posted 😛

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