Religion.My Mother & Me. Respite

Time to take a breather!

Well may you ask why, two reasons, my sister who you have met on these pages as the “Doodlebug Baby” suggested that what I am writing should be ‘somewhat carthartic’, I think perhaps carthexis is the most likely; and the other is that I am receiving a fair amount of “flak” (which my Australian Oxford Dictionary defines as adverse criticism, abuse). Which is fair enough if taking what I have already written and published is the total of what I intend and have in mind.

It is not! I have no intention of writing anything derogatory about my wife The War Office aka Kerry. indeed quite the opposite. Perhaps it’s hard for some of my distractors/detractors to understand that I did have a life before the W.O. and I am making a chronicle, a narrative, a full account; again my AOD’s definition, of the past sixty or so years. I do not have a magic wand and this is going to take me some time and if there are some things said/written that causes any discomfort, it cannot be helped.

What I am writing is the complete truth, I have been blessed/cursed with what I can only say is an amazing memory. Perhaps during this breather I shall elaborate on such a profound statement. It is not conceited. egotistical just the plain unmitigating truth.

My original intention when I started on this chronicle was to finish in either 1987 or 2005 with reasons which would have been explained. Now I’m considering going further, I shall have to ponder that matter.

I had selected two photographs, which are among my favourites,. and also I believe Dopey Daughters;  one for each of the two years mentioned 1987and 2005, with which to end the the final post.

You may like to view these and ponder upon all the derogatory things I may say and write in  the coming days and weeks! I’m sure there’s a great deal of that to come!

Whilst on this breather I shall write a seperate post regarding memory.Christmas Party 1987

Same barge trip
Same barge trip

4 thoughts on “Religion.My Mother & Me. Respite

  1. All things considered, a breather, maybe deserved. I know from what I’ve read so far about the great love affair with Joan, However I must comment on how happy you always look in pictures with the war office. I’ve gone thru and looked at all your pictures, each one you look completely happy. Looking forward to reading more. Hope your feeling better. Said that prayer for you LOL
    Love ya


    1. That’s probably why I feel that today is my last I feel dreadful, my summer cold is worse and I’m grumpy as yo pobably gathered.
      love you right back B.
      😛 🙄


  2. Better not be your last day, You have to finish what you started. Can’t just leave me hanging. So get to feeling better fast.
    Love ya
    P.S I keep forgetting its summer there. It’s freezing here, expecting snow for Thanksgiving.


    1. I shall be here a bit longer Lisa, I’m somewhat better today the damned cold broke last evening and I even managed some decent hours sleep for a change. I don’t want you taking credit because of your direct link to my son, I’ll get around to telling you why I refer to jesus as my son in the not to distant future, I still find it somewhat amusing story although at the time when I first used the expression I was ropeable.

      It occurs to me that it is rather odd giving “Thanks” when the weather is freezing and snow is expected; I’d have thought the reverse would be in order, but then that’s just me.


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