The Blacklist finale

As you may have guessed I couldn’t help myself, armed with a very large, very stiff whiskey I donned my headphones and settled down to watch the season finale of “The Blacklist”; and I wasn’t disappointed!

It was pretty much all I anticipated with some slight variations. Harry didn’t give the baddies the code, he was prepared to sacrifice our Lizzie the cad. But Red didn’t disappoint, he held a pistol at Don’s head, this must be why he’d saved Don’s life in the previous episode and threatened to blow his brains out if he didn’t give him the code.

Under those circumstances there was nothing left for Don to do but to tell Red who immediately told the baddies who unlocked the door and took Red into their custody, that’s putting it nicely!

Some nasty piece of work by the name of Anslo Garrick wants Red and wants to kill him slowly, well that’s what we thought and were told in Part 1 but come Part 2 and it seems the writers /producers/directors or somebody decided that it’s not Anslo but somebody more sinister and more powerful.

Secretary of State Arnold Vennick!  What does season 2 have in store for us? What does Red have on the ‘good’ Senator from California come Secretary of State in the Santos Administration so much so that Mr Secretary employs a nasty like Anslo to kidnap and torture poor old Red, shoot him up with drugs so that his BP soars to 210 over some other ridiculous number. But that can’t stop Red; five minutes after Mr Secretary leaves Red is back to his old self again snuffs out poor unsuspecting Anslo, escapes, only to become Nº 1 on the FBI’s most wanted list; again.


And he still manages to call up Lizzie just to let her know that he’s not her father and her husband’s a no good bum just to confuse the writers/producers/directors/actors a little more. I believe that when the truth does come out, it will be that Red is actually Lizzie’s son and she is in fact an 89 year old single mother and it’s all been a bad dream on her part.


Well I don’t think that’s any more stupid than the story lines we’ve been fed so far!



All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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